Marvo MIC-03 Review

The Marvo MIC-03 is a desktop USB microphone coming in at only $30. Marvo are of course known for their cheap peripherals, and with these low prices my main concern is always quality and durability. The MIC-03 was surprisingly good.

The package includes a tripod stand, the microphone with an attached 1.5m USB cable, a sponge and pop filter. So you have everything you need to start recording. The MIC-03 is omnidirectional with a frequency response of 20Hz to 20Khz.

Setup is very easy. The microphone slides into the stand. Note that the MIC-03 will not work with a conventional microphone stand, so you’re limited to the stand it comes with. Then you pop the sponge onto the microphone and screw on the pop filter, and you’re good to go. The MIC-03 is plug and play, just be sure to set it as your default input device in your Windows sound settings. The stand can be adjusted up to 270 degrees, and the tripod allows for different heights. So you can set the microphone at the right angle for you. The build quality of the microphone is surprisingly good. The stand has a metal construction and doesn’t feel flimsy at all.

The MIC-03 offered solid sound quality and acceptable background noise. In comparison with my Samson Meteor, voice quality was not quite as rich, but it still sounded very good. For $30 I was more than happy with the recording quality.

The MIC-03 is a great option if you’re looking for a cheap USB microphone. The sound quality is good, especially considering the price. The build is sturdy and it looks very professional. The MIC-03 will be ideal for things like streaming, voice-overs and gaming, while probably not being the best option for recording acoustic guitar and vocals. This is a great entry-level microphone.


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