Glorious Model O- Review

Model O Minus on Amazon

The Model O Minus is the smaller and lighter version of the Model O. The matte version I am reviewing weighs only 58g.

We have dimensions of 12 x 5.5 x 3.6cm (LxWxH). From these measurements we can tell that the Model O Minus has a low profile. It also has a middle hump that is flattened, so it’s not going to provide an awful lot of palm support. This mouse is going to be ideal for fingertip and claw grip, and users with smaller hands should be able to palm. The best hand size is going to be small to medium. If you have bigger hands be wary of cramps, as the grip width is fairly low at 5.5cm. With a hand size of 18x9cm, my fingertip grip felt very comfortable. Having used the Viper Mini for the past few months, it took some time getting used to, as the Model O Minus feels longer and flatter.

The Model O Minus comes with the hexagonal chassis, however there are no cut outs on the sides. This was a big plus, as I wasn’t a big fan of the side cut outs on the MM710. The build quality is fairly good. There is some frame bend present, especially on the sides and bottom of the mouse. Also a little bit of rattling and creaking when you squeeze the frame. None of this was noticeable during use, so it’s not a big issue. There is a little bit of side wobble on the primary buttons, but they don’t feel loose at all. Again, this shouldn’t bother you during use unless you received a faulty unit. On the bottom we have the Glorious G-Skates feet, which are made of 100% pure virgin PTFE. The feet have rounded edges and a thickness of 0.81mm. Glide was exceptionally smooth on my SteelSeries QcK mousepad. Sensor placement is good, and there is also a DPI indicator.

The Model O Minus features the Ascended Cord. The cable is thin, lightweight and super flexible. I hardly noticed it when gaming. Cable drag is pretty much non-existent and you shouldn’t be needing a mouse bungie here. I was quite relieved to see a good cable, as the Viper Mini’s cable was kind of annoying and I was always fiddling with it and adjusting it during gaming. The MM710 still has the best cable though.

We have an ambidextrous design with comfortable side grooves. There are also finger grooves on the primary buttons. The ergonomics are very good and the mouse felt very comfortable. Even after half an hour of testing on Kovaak Aim Trainer I felt no strain whatsoever.

We have the Omron Mechanical 20M switches here. The primary buttons are very good, with light clicks and very low pre-travel. The scroll wheel is quite big and sits a bit too high, but I got used to it over time. I was still able to bunnyhop around maps. The side buttons were the biggest disappointment of the mouse, as they are too small and feel loose. The front button is a bit of a reach, and I kind of have to adjust my grip to press it. It’s still usable, even in games where I have binds on these buttons, but definitely not optimal.

The Model O Minus looks absolutely stunning. I really like the look of the smaller hexagonal cut outs, but what stood out here was the RGB. The logo on the left side of the mouse looks really cool too. You’ll also find the Glorious branding on the front right side. This is one of the best looking mice in my opinion. .

The Model O- has the high performance 3360 sensor, with a maximum of 12000DPI. The default DPI levels are 400, 800, 1600, 3200, but it can be tweaked with the software. You can save up to six DPI levels, and assign a colour for each to be displayed on the LED on the bottom of the mouse. As expected, the 3360 provided excellent tracking and the lift off distance was very low. The G-Skates felt silky smooth on my SteelSeries QcK. I like the slightly bigger length and width, and my aim felt more controlled without sacrificing any speed. On Kovaak Aim Trainer I was able to beat all my high scores I set with the Viper Mini. That in itself says a lot about the performance of this mouse. In CSGO my aim felt slightly more accurate, and as you would expect at 58g, swiping and flicking is super easy.

With the software you can save up to six DPI levels. The DPI can be adjusted in increments of 100 from 400 – 12000. You can choose from eight RGB colour schemes, and also tune the speed and direction. Then you have the option to change the LOD, polling rate and debounce time. We have six programmable buttons, and there is a macro editor. You can also create different profiles.

I didn’t expect that I would like the Model O Minus more than the Viper Mini, but that is exactly what happened. I just felt a bit more controlled with it, and the performance was astounding. The cable was also a big win over the Viper Mini. The bottom line is that the Glorious Model O Minus is an excellent mouse, and if you’re into smaller lightweight mouse it’s a must buy.


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