Glorious Model O Review

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We’re taking a look at the Glorious Model O today, the bigger version of the Model O Minus. While the Model O Minus was too flat for my liking, there was a lot that I liked about it. Excellent sensor, super low lift-off distance, good cable and smooth mouse feet. It had all the ingredients of an excellent mouse. So I was really excited to try out its big brother.

At 18x9cm using a fingertip grip, the Model O felt surprisingly good. I expected it to be too big for me, but the flattened hump and low profile allowed me to get a fairly good grip on it. I didn’t have the same amount of control that I have with smaller mice like the Viper Mini, but it felt very steady in my hand. I fired up a game of CSGO and was immediately impressed. The mouse is light so it’s easy to flick and swipe, but the bigger size of the mouse really helped when aiming at smaller targets. Out of curiosity I ran the precision test on Kovaak Aim Trainer, and lo and behold, I improved my high score that I set with the Viper Mini. Needless to say, this mouse made a very good first impression.

The Model O is a medium sized mouse that is suitable for medium to large hands. It has a flat middle hump and low profile of 3.8cm. The Model O tapers out towards the back and we have a back width of 6.6 and a grip width of 5.9. This mouse is going to work great for fingertip, claw or relaxed claw. Palm grip only for smaller hands, as the flat hump is not going to provide an awful lot of palm support. Rather consider the Model D if you’re a palm gripper. Overall the mouse has a very ergonomic shape, with gentle side curves and finger grooves on the primary buttons. This shape is very similar to the Zowie FK1. It’s almost like a lightweight FK1.

The build is good for a honeycomb mouse. We have some slight frame bend on the sides and bottom, but no cause for concern. No creaking whatsoever, which is actually quite rare for a honeycomb shell. There was a fair bit of scroll wheel rattle though and a worrying amount of sideplay. The rattle on the scroll wheel was even noticeable when swiping the mouse, which was a pretty big disappointment. I’m hoping it’s only on the unit I received. But apart from that a good build overall, nothing feels or sounds loose. I like the smaller hexagonal holes on the Glorious mice, and you’re hardly aware of it when using the mouse. The bottom of the mouse features the G-Skates feet with rounded edges. Excellent glide and this mouse felt really good during testing on Kovaak. There is a DPI indicator as well, and you can save up to six levels on the mouse.

My basic requirement for a mouse cable is that I don’t want to notice it, and while the Ascended Cord isn’t as light and flexible as the MM710 or XM1 cable, it gets the job done. It’s quite stiff, but thin and light. I didn’t experience any drag when gaming. You won’t be needing a mouse bungee here. The primary buttons are excellent with very low pre-travel and light clicks. I was actually really impressed by these. The side buttons did have a bit of pre-travel though. I would have liked these to be more stiff. They feel mushy and not the greatest side buttons I have ever used. Apart from some side play, the scroll wheel feels very good. The individual steps are not that well-defined, so it’s a smoother feel which I like personally.

The matte white version looks absolutely gorgeous, and I like the fact that Glorious make their mice available with the matte and glossy finish and in black and white. There is no diffuser so if you look into the mouse at a certain angle you can see the LEDs, which isn’t ideal but this rarely happens. We have RGB zones on the scroll wheel and sides of the mouse. Some people might find the excessive branding off-putting, but I like how Glorious just unashamedly flaunts the little bearded man on the side and bottom of the mouse. You just have to embrace it. I don’t really play around with RGB on mice like I do on keyboards, but we have a few nice looking colours schemes here.

The software is very simplistic and intuitive. You can do comprehensive button remapping, and I was able to change the DPI button to Play/Pause which is cool. The DPI can be adjusted in increments of 100 with a max of 12000. A nice little feature is you can change the colour that is displayed on the LED for each level. You can also choose a colour scheme, set the LOD between 2 and 3 and adjust the polling rate. Make sure to set the debounce time to 4ms. What impresses me the most about the Model O mice is the performance. The PMW 3360 is an awesome sensor, with flawless tracking and very low LOD. On top of that the G-Skates gives you very smooth glide, and the Ascended Cord has virtually zero drag. This is a very good mouse for CSGO. In my opinion the performance is even better than my trusted Viper Mini. The reason for that is lower LOD and a better cable. My corsshair and aim feels just a little bit more steady in game.

As I mentioned my precision aiming felt very good, and I was even able to set a new high score in Kovaak. I feel like my rifling was more accurate in CSGO. Sometimes you have to make very small adjustments to get your crosshair on a targert, and the Model O felt great for that. With the Viper MIni I’ll sometimes overadjust and move past the target, because it’s a smaller and faster mouse. But still I think the Model O is slightly too big for me, as I definitely felt slower in game. I couldn’t reach the flicking and swiping speed of the Viper Mini, and with the Kovaak flicking test I clearly felt that. I couldn’t hit my usualy close range AWP flicks, and swiping to turn around wasn’t as easy as with a small mouse. I feel like my ideal Glorious mouse is the Model O Minus with the height of the Model O. The Model O is slightly too big and the Model O Minus is slightly too flat. Maybe my perfect mouse is a slightly bigger Viper Mini. Welcome to the rabbit hole of finding the perfect mouse…

What I am really excited about though is the upcoming Model D Minus. What sometimes happens with these low profile mice is that my pinky gets stuck when I move right, so with an ergo shape you won’t get that as your ring and pinky finger sits higher on the side. To summarise, the Model O is an excellent mouse. Apart from the scroll wheel, it has a very good build, and the performance is superb. If you have a hand size of around 19cm and higher, and use a fingertip or claw, you should definitely try this mouse.


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