Redragon M711 FPS Review

Redragon M711 FPS on Amazon

We’re looking at the Redragon M711 FPS today. This is basically an upgrade of the popular M711. The FPS version comes with the PMW 3360 sensor and LK optical switches. The big pull of the original M711 was of course its super cheap price of $22. The FPS version is going for $38, so it sits in a higher price bracket. So let’s see if the increased price tag is justified.

The M711 FPS is a small-medium sized ergo mouse. I used the original M711, and it was actually one of the first ergo mice that wasn’t too big for me. It felt great at a hand size of 18x9cm. There aren’t a lot of ergo mice out there that cater to small hands, for example the Razer DeathAdder and Logitech G502 are too big for me. The M711 FPS has an ergonomic design tailored for right handers, so you get the inward curve on the left but on the right it looks plain. It has pretty substantial finger grooves on the primary buttons, and the clicking point of M1 is slighty higher than M2. Pretty interesting side view. We can see there is a middle hump but it’s a very flat design. The mouse hardly slopes down towards the front, and this kind of shape is going to work great for palm, or any other grip where the whole finger rests on the mouse as opposed to only the fingertip. It does give the mouse a slightly higer clicking point of 2.3cm, but this wasn’t an issue for me. Awesome shape, and it’s going to be amazing for palm, fingertip and relaxed claw.

The build quality is good, as I have come to expect from Redragon. Interestingly we have three middle buttons, not the usual single DPI button. As the mouse buttons are part of the top shell, this does mean they are quite long and thin, so there was some sideplay present. The front side button feels a little bit loose, and was the source of some rattling when I shook the mouse. Little bit of frame bend on the sides, and the side buttons do actuate when the frame is squeezed. But overall good build quality, and the things I mentioned here won’t reallybe palpable when you use the mouse.

Medium clicks, with low pre-travel, but I did pick up some post-travel. The side buttons are adequate, not the best ever. Little bit of pre-travel on them, and as mentioned the front side button feels loose. The clicking experience won’t blow you away but gets the job done. The cable was a bit of a shock to me. It’s extremely taut and feels more like a wire than an actual cable. It was hard for me to straighten the cable from the way it was packaged. The drag is okay as long as you bend it so that the first 10cm doesn’t touch the desk. Nonetheless, this is not the kind of cable you’d expect on a $40 mouse.

The M711 FPS has a matte black finish. It feels fairly grippy but will collect fingermarks over time. The sides of the mouse is textured. It’s not actually rubber but just textured plastic. It looks and feels good, and I quite liked it. So the sensor has been upgraded from the 3325 to the 3360, and there is definitely a noticeable difference when gaming. The tracking is excellent and the mouse feels very snappy. I didn’t experience any lift-off problems when playing CSGO. But most of all, I really enjoyed the shape of this mouse. It felt very comfortable and just the perfect size.

The cable was pretty distracting though, and every few minutes I had to bend and fiddle with it to reduce the drag. Maybe it will get better over time. The other thing I don’t like personally is the weight of 105g. I use a 61g mouse as my main, so I couldn’t get used to the heavier weight. I felt a bit slower when playing FPS. The mouse performed very well during testing, and on the Kovaak small target test. I was able to hit a score of 850. In CSGO it felt great. It’s nice and small so I could still do some fast flicks. On top of that the ergo shape felt very comfortable, and my aiming was very accurate.

The M711 FPS is a very good mouse, but unfortunately features a very sub-par cable and it’s on the heavy side. I still think the original M711 is an absolute steal at $22, but wouldn’t recommend the FPS version at $38, as I feel there are better alternatives available at that price. Maybe wait for it to go on special. Redragon actually released the Storm M808, which looks like a honeycomb version of the M711, and I definitely want to try this mouse in the future.

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