T-Dagger T-TGK302 Corvette Review

The Corvette offers solid performance, stylish looks and a sturdy build

We’re taking a look at the T-Dagger TGK302 Corvette, a tenkeyless mechanical keyboard that comes with Outemu Blue switches. This board is available with green or rainbow backlighting. The Corvette goes for around $30, so it’s a budget-friendly TKL mech.

So we have the square-stemmed Outemu Blues on here, which means it’s a clicky keyboard. These switches have an actuation force of 60g and an actuation point of 2mm. What I really like about this keyboard is the hot swap feature, so it’s easy to install replacement switches. Just note that the Outemu sockets are only compatible with Outemu switches. If you’re looking to use something like Gateron or Kailh, you would need to file the pins.

The Corvette exceeded my expectations in terms of performance. Outemu Blues are decent budget switches and a very popular choice for entry-level mechs. What impressed me the most was the stabilisers, and there was virtually no rattle on the bigger keys. You’d be hard pressed to find a $30 board that can match this kind of performance. There is some metal pinging present, but not too bad. I hit a max speed of 125WPM on the Aesop typing test, which is what I usually get with clicky switches. A keyboard that types good will usually game good, and the Corvette didn’t disappoint when playing CSGO and Apex. All in all, I am really impressed by the performance.

The Corvette comes with double shot ABS keycaps and features a stylised font. Personally I’m not a big fan of this font, but I’m sure it will appease the younger generation. The backlighting doesn’t boast the full RGB spectrum, and we only have rainbow colours. There are nine colour modes that can be accessed with Fn + Ins. You can control the direction and brightness via the arrow keys. Another nice feature of this keyboard is that there are some gaming lighting profiles. So by pressing Fn with 1-8 you can set the keyboard to FPS, MOBA or RTS colour presets. You can also create up to two custom lighting profiles. So Fn with 9 or 0 will select the profile. Once selected, you can start recording by pressing Fn + Home, and finish your recording with Fn + End. A very nice touch by T-Dagger – you don’t really expect these kinds of extras at $30. We have the usual multimedia and quick access functionality on F1-12, and a Windows Lock option. Very useful.

So there is pretty much only one more box that the Corvette needs to tick, and that is build quality. I have to say, the build is very good here. The mounting plate is made of metal, and the bottom piece is plastic. The keyboard has a good weight to it and I couldn’t really bend the frame much. This keyboard doesn’t feel flimsy at all and I was surprised by the sturdy build. I also like the compact design of the frame; it’s only bigger at the top to make room for a caps lock and scroll lock indicator.

I feel like $30 is a very dangerous price for a mech, as many companies will cut corners to get the price so low, but that’s definitely not the case here. The Corvette offers solid performance, stylish looks and a sturdy build. This is a definite recommend from me if you’re on the lookout for a cheaper mech.


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