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So we’re looking at one of the most popular mice in CSGO, the Zowie EC. More specifically we are looking at the EC2-B. Just to give you a brief history of the Zowie EC. The first release was the EC A-Series in 2015. This is actually still one of the most popular mice in competitve CSGO today. If I am not mistaken, over 30% of pros use this mouse. Then Zowie released the EC B-Series in 2017. The most notable changes were a new sensor and four smaller mouse feet instead of two. This was meant to be an upgrade over the original A series, but had a mixed reception. In 2018 they released the EC Divina series, where they went back to the two feet setup, and gave the mouse a glossy finish.

So the EC2-B is the medium version. If you have bigger hands, then take a look at the EC2-A. This is an ergonomic mouse that is going to favour palm grippers. It was designed so that a large area of the hand is in contact with the mouse. For example, if you compare the palm grip of the EC2-B with my fingertip grip on the MOdel O Minus, just look how much more of the hand is in contact with the mouse. On a side note, the upcoming Glorious Model D’s measurements are almost identical. The EC2-B was released before the lightweight mouse craze, so it comes in at a solid 90g. Not necessarily a bad thing – depends on what you like.

The EC shape is considered one of the best in the market, and feels very natural in the hand. There are no exaggerated curves on the mouse, and you won’t feel forced to hold it a certain way. The shape is very forgiving and can support any flavour of palm grip. Fingertip and claw can definitely also work here. For my fingertip grip the shape felt great, but it would’ve been easier to manipulate the mouse if it was 15-20 grams lighter.

The coating is a mix between matte and glossy. It feels very grippy and looks good too. But I’ve never been a fan of how Zowie coatings attract fingermarks. Probably not something that a professional gamer is gonna worry about, but people with OCD may have problems with this. I mentioned this in my review of the ZA13, but there is just something about how these Zowie mouse look – it really is one of the best looking mice in my opinion.

On the bottom we see the two biggest changes from the original A series, the upgraded 3360 sensor and four smaller mouse feet. Most high-end mice these days come with some form of the 3360 or 3389, so you can expect excellent tracking, and won’t experience any spin outs or accelleration. The biggest contention around the release of the EC B series was the feet. Zowie changed to four smaller feet in response to the general public complaining that the bigger feet were losing their smoothness over time. Like most people, I prefer the old two feet setup, as it gives you a good combination of speed and control. The four feet design feels a lot faster and kind of slippery. So no surprise that Zowie reverted back to this design on the Divina mice.

As you would expect from a Zowie mouse, the DPI switch is on the bottom. The LED indicator shows the current DPI level. There is also a button to change the response rate. And that’s it. No software, no RGB – just plug it in and start fragging. I love the no-frills approach from Zowie.

Zowie mice generally have heavy clicks, and the EC2-B is no different. You will get some pre- and post-travel on the primary buttons, but it’s not going to have a noticeable impact when playing FPS. This mouse wasn’t designed for MOBAs. Zowie are of course notorious for their flimsy scroll wheels, adn the quality on this scroll wheel isn’t great. I immediately noticed it. For gaming it gets the job done, for example if you use scroll wheel to change weapons, or bunnyhop in CSGO, but for general browsing it feels awkward. Not very smooth and a bit wonky. The build is very good, and apart from some side play on the primaries, it’s very good. Zowie still use the rubber cable, which doesn’t feel that bad actually, but you can easily paracord this mouse if the cable bothers you.

I was actually very eager to try this mouse, and thought it could potentially become my main mouse. The shape and size feels very good at a hand size of 18x9cm. I definitely had to make a few adjustments. I’ve been using the Viper Mini and Model O Minus for the past few months, and the first thing I picked up was the higher clicking point. Initially I was making a ton of accidental clicks, for example trying to tap with the AK I would burst instead. Also took a while getting used to the weight.

But once I adjusted, this mouse truly felt amazing. Beautiful tracking and super low lift-off distance, and the shape feels so good. No big surprise that over 30% of CSGO pros use this. But interestingly, I was just below the level of performance I get with the Mini and Model O-, largely due to the weight. It was hard for me to pick this mouse up and reposition it. But apart from that, aiming felt very good especially aiming at smaller targets. The mouse does everything for you. I definitely prefer the two feet design of the A series, because my aim feels more controlled. But these feet aren’t bad, and if you like faster feet then this mouse will serve you well.

The Zowie EC2-B is going to work great for competivie gamers, or even casual gamers looking for a mouse where performance is non-negotiable. The EC2-B has one of the best, if not the best, ergo shapes in the game, and you can’t go wrong with the 3360 sensor.


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