Logitech G203 Prodigy Review

Logitech G203 on Amazon

So we’re looking at the classic Logitech G203 Prodigy today, one of the top-selling budget gaming mice. Nowadays you can actually find some gems for under 40 dollars. In addition to the G203, there is the Viper Mini, Rival 3, Redragon M711 and Pulsefire Core. You can even snag an MM710 on special.

The G203 is a small mouse with a length of 11.6cm. Fairly low profile at a height of 3.8cm. The hump sits slightly behind the middle, and the mouse is flat without any major slopes. But the big talking point is the way it is shaped on the sides. The sides slope inward diagonally, like a V-shape almost, and it is quite drastic. I’ve seen a lot of people saying that they couldn’t get a consistent grip on it or that it caused hand cramps. While I didn’t experience this myself, I can imagine this happening, especially for users with bigger hands. The rear is fairly narrow, almost egg-shaped, so not that great for palm grip unless you have smaller hands. The rear is also kind of suspended in the air as opposed to sloping all the way down, and it sat snugly in my palm when I tried a claw grip. So I actually think this mouse is quite good for claw. For fingertip or claw, a hand-size of small to medium should be good, and for palm grip a smaller hand size. But the ideal hand size for this mouse is small.

For my fingertip grip, the shape felt pretty comfortable. I didn’t feel the same control that I do with the Model O Minus or Viper Mini though. It felt kind of wide and floaty, if that makes sense. I didn’t really have an issue with the slanted sides, but I think this is partly due to my smaller hand size of 18x9cm. Users with bigger hands may experience some of the issues I mentioned earlier. So if you have bigger hands just take note of that. In my opinion this mouse would’ve been a lot better with the shape of the G100S. It’s a case of if it aint broke don’t fix it.

The primary buttons are very light, which is not necessarily a bad thing. But in my case I was making a ton of accidental clicks just when holding it. I was able to make an adjustment though. I think MOBA players will appreciate the spammableness of the primary buttons. Also some very slight finger grooves on M1 and M2. The side buttons are well placed and have a nice tactile feel. My only gripe here would be that they are fairly thin and feel a little bit stiff. They should break in after a couple of months though.

The G203 features the Mercury sensor with a range of 200 – 8000DPI. I know there has been some accelleration issues with this mouse after firmware updates, but for me the tracking felt very good. The lift-off distance is between 1 and 2 DVDs, which is fairly low. The sensor isn’t quite on par with the 3360, but not bad for a budget mouse. Gaming performance was very good. I’ve been using 60g mice for the past couple of months, so at 85g the G203 felt a bit heavy. For example when repositioning, I wasn’t lifting the mouse high enough so I ran into some LOD issues. I also had to use more arm movement when handling the mouse. But I’m just sharing my personal experience here – many people prefer mice with a more weighty feel. While I wasn’t quite on the Model O Minus level for CSGO, I don’t feel that my level dropped by much. Like I mentioned earlier, the G203 feels kind of wide and floaty, so I couldn’t get that surgical fingertip grip that I’m looking for.

The build is very good, and there were no issues apart from some minor rattle when shaken. The G203 still has the old school rubber cable. It’s not as nice as a braided cable, but the drag isn’t that bad. It didn’t really have a negative impact on my gaming experience, and that’s what counts. The mouse has four corner feet, and the glide is very good. I would say the speed is medium to fast. The mouse looks good with its matte black finish, and I must say the white version looks stunning. The RGB is pretty basic, and you only get single colour on the two zones. If you’re looking for more, Logitech did release the G203 LightSync, which has three lighting zones on the rim as opposed to the one of the Prodigy.

Make no mistake, the G203 is still a very good bang for buck mouse, and should definitely be on your shortlist. However over the past year a few strong competitors have popped up, and there are some attractive looking alternatives at the same price point. I would love to see Logitech bring out an upgraded version, improving the shape and maybe shaving off a few grams. The G203 has a lot of untapped potential.

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