Razer DeathAdder v2 Review

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The Razer DeathAdder is one of the most popular mice in the gaming world, and any mouse collection would be incomplete without it. Over the years Razer has refined and improved the mouse, and the latest iteration is the DeathAdder v2 (show timeline or table). The DeathAdder v2 is meant to be an upgrade of the DeathAdder Elite that was released in 2016. Some notable improvements include an upgraded sensor, a more flexible cable and a 16g weight reduction. I’m really satisfied with all the changes Razer made here, and this mouse is still competitive in a lively mouse market.

Weight: 80g
Size: 12.7cm x 6.17cm (grip) x 4.27cm

So Razer reduced the weight to 80g, which is quite impressive considering the size of this mouse. It’s big but very easy to maneuvre. The DeathAdder has a very natural shape with gradual curves. I also really like the finger grooves on the primary buttons – my fingers rested very comfortably on the mouse. I think the DeathAdder has a very safe shape, which is why Razer has stuck with it through the years. They did however make one tiny adjustment here – the v2 doesn’t flare out on the right as much as the Elite or Chroma.

At 18x9cm using a fingertip grip, the v2 was a little bit too big for me. But I must say it felt extremely good when I palmed it. I hardly noticed the mouse and it felt like an extension of the hand. This is one of my favourite ergo shapes. I do think my hand size is the bare minimum for palm grip, so anything from 18cm and up should be good. For fingertip and claw a bigger hand size is preferable – I would say 19cm and higher.

This mouse handled surprisingly well in-game, and I don’t really think my level dropped by much. I did sacrifice a bit of mobility with the bigger size, but aiming felt just as good. I really enjoyed the reduced weight of 80g, and you can really toss this mouse around with ease. But on a personal note, when playing CSGO I did miss the extra mobility of my smaller mice for fast flicks and swipes. The Focus+ sensor is high-end, and you’re going to get excellent tracking. The LOD is less than 1 DVD, which is just what I want. The v2 also has pure PTFE feet, so the glide is smoother and faster than the Elite and Chroma. If you’re coming from an earlier DeathAdder, this might take some getting used to. Razer also added optical switches, which means the switches work with light beams as opposed to metal contact. This results in a response time of only 0.2 milliseconds, and the switches have a longer lifespan of 70M clicks. They also won’t develop that pesky double clicking problem.

The build is very good, and the shell feels robust. There is a little bit of rattle when shaken, and I did detect some slight creaking on the bottom. It could be unique to the unit I have though, as it isn’t new and has been used for a few months. The v2 features the Speedflex cable that you find on the Viper mice. I did point out this cable as one of the flaws on the Viper Mini, but on the bigger DeathAdder v2 I barely noticed it. So the Speedflex cable works very well here.

Overall a very good clicking experience. Low pre-travel and medium post-travel, but it’s only really noticeable when you press at the very edge. The scroll wheel has well-defined steps and a nice textured surface. The side buttons are well placed, and the clicks are crisp with minimal pre-travel. And these side buttons are huge so you won’t miss them. On a side note, the DPI buttons are smaller, and placed in a little recess behind the scroll wheel. You definitely won’t be hitting these by accident, so a small detail but will make a positive difference.

Synapse 3 is a very extensive piece of software. Another nice upgrade for the v2 is that it no has on-board memory. You can save up to five profiles, and all settings can be saved except lighting effects. This is nice as you don’t need to keep Synapse installed on your machine if you don’t want to. You can then switch between the five profiles with the button on the bottom of the mouse.

The v2 re-establishes the DeathAdder as one of the best ergo mouse on the market. I really feel that it’s worth upgrading from the Chroma or Elite, as Razer really did a good job with the improvements.

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