G-Wolves Hati 2020 Edition Review

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The G-Wolves Hati 2020 Edition is a lightweight mouse aimed at gamers and mouse enthusiasts. This is an upgraded version of the original Hati, and G-Wolves was kind of enough to send me a list of improvements (show). This mouse is regarded by many as a lighter and wired version of the G Pro Wireless, and for good reason: the shapes are pretty much identical. Before we go any further, let’s just go back to that packaging. The mouse is packed in an awesome looking tin box, and you get a ton of extras, including a spare paracord, mouse feet, stick on side grips and replacement mouse switches. G-Wolves really left no stone unturned here. The Faze Red version looks absolutely gorgeous, but there are also a few other options available, such as Aqua and Gun Metal.


  1. White foot patch
  2. Better data lines
  3. Higher quality shell painting
  4. Higher product quality
  5. More optimized circuit structure
  6. Better dealers

The Hati has a truly impressive spec sheet
The mouse is super light at 61g. It features the Pixart 3360 sensor (max speed 250IPS, max 12000DPI), Omron 20M switches, white PTFE skates and a paracord. On top of that it has a very safe shape that accommodates a wide variety of grip styles.

Length: 12.42cm
Back width: 6.4cm
Grip width: 5.7cm
Front width: 6.1cm
Height: 3.96cm

As expected, the measurements are very similar to the G Pro Wireless. This is a medium sized mouse, and I actually think this mouse can accommodate small, medium and large hand sizes. Just note that the grip width of 5.7cm might be a bit narrow for users with wider hands. For palm I would recommend a hand size of no bigger than 20cm, and for claw and fingertip anything under 22 should be fine. As always, this is just a general guideline and personal preference comes into play. At 18x9cm this mouse felt really good. The shape is ambidextrous, and it has a middle hump which is slightly flattened. Very nice subtle grooves at the sides of the mouse. The back, middle and front width is fairly consistent, and it doesn’t flare out drastically. I love the simplicity of this shape, and my fingertip grip immediately felt comfortable. Palm and claw felt just as good though. I honestly cannot recommend this mouse for any single grip style. It’s a very simple and universal shape.

The build quality is good overall. Some slight frame bend on the left and bottom of the shell, but this is fairly common with the honeycomb design. It won’t influence your experience with the mouse. There was a fair bit of vertical play on the primary buttons, especially M1, and they feel kind of loose. You’ll also hear these buttons rattle when you shake the mouse. This is probably the biggest downside of the Hati for me (show rattle tapping lightly). It doesn’t have a huge impact on general use and gaming, but it’s still disappointing considering that is an upgraded version of the original.

The clicking experience is good. The primaries have light clicks, with medium pre-travel and low post-travel. As mentioned, M1 feels a bit loose vertically but it isn’t noticeable for the most part. This is one of the better scroll wheels I’ve used, with well-defined steps and light clicks. The side buttons have a nice tactile feel, with low pre-travel and medium post-travel.

As mentioned earlier, you get some nice extras with the packaging. There are two grips for the side and another two for the primary buttons. If you have sweaty hands, these should be great. I like the matte finish on the Hati so didn’t need them. If you don’t like the four corner feet and prefer something more substantial at the bottom, you can add the extra feet. This will give the mouse a bit more resistance, and it should feel a bit slower. The bottom sticker is separate from the mouse, so no chance that it will be a hindrance – excellent design choice.

I had high expectations as far as performance goes, and I wasn’t disappointed. The Pixart 3360 is an excellent sensor, and it’s going to give you flawless tracking with low LOD. The white PTFE skates provide very smooth glide, and with the paracord it pretty much feels wireless. To get the mouse down to 61g at this size is quite incredible, and it felt very nimble in the hand. One thing I have discovered is that with smaller mice you get increased flicking and swiping speed, whereas with bigger mice you get excellent precision aiming. I feel like the Hati strikes a good balance between speed and precision. With smaller mice I always feel like I can achieve crazy speed, but sacrifice a tiny bit of precision. With the Hati I got the best of both worlds. In CSGO I still had that mobility of a Viper Mini or Model O Minus, but I also had the precision of a DeathAdder or Model D in long distance aim duels. I was really impressed with how this mouse handled in game, and my level was definitely higher.

The software gives you everything you need. The DPI can be adjusted from 100 to 12000 and you can save up to 7 DPI levels. By default it’s set to 4 levels at 400, 800, 1600 and 3200. Any of the six buttons can be reassigned, and it’s nice to see options like macros and multimedia here. I usually use the DPI button as Play/Pause for multimedia. You can access a few more settings by clicking on Parameter. Make sure to set the debounce time to 4ms and the polling rate to 1000Hz. Last but not least, you can record and save macros, which can then be assigned to any of the six buttons.

The G-Wolves Hati 2020 Edition is as close to endgame as I’ve gotten. If G-Wolves can improve the primary buttons, especially M1, this mouse is very close to perfection. This is among the best mice I have ever used, and a definite recommend from me.

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