T-Dagger Sergeant T-TGM202 Review

If you just want a good looking RGB mouse for daily work and the odd game, the Sergeant is good value at $20

The T-Dagger Sergeant is a super budget mouse coming in at only $20. This mouse is aimed at casual gamers, or even just people looking for something more colourful on their desk.

A big feature of the Sergeant is that it has full RGB lighting. There are a total of five colour zones on the mouse. You can cycle through the RGB modes with a nifty little button underneath the mouse. The software gives you more options, including the ability to change colours and adjust the speed and direction. This mouse will definitely get the job done if you’re looking to upgrade from a boring-looking generic mouse.

Seven RGB modes

The Sergeant is a medium-sized mouse with a grip width of 5.9cm. It is fairly heavy at 120g. The mouse flares out aggressively at the back, which is more apparent when looking at the bottom. The inward curve on the side is fairly severe, which will make the mouse easier to pick up. I’ve never been a fan of pointy or aggressive shapes, as they tend to force you to grip the mouse a certain way. The side view shows that the shape is pretty flat. The hump sits towards the back, and there is a gradual curve towards the front, almost characteristic of an ergo mouse. As far as grip recommendations, I think claw and fingertip is most suitable. The ideal hand size is going to be medium. I think the flare-out at the back might bother users with smaller hands.

Measurements and weight

The build is surprisingly good for a budget mouse. The shell feels nice and sturdy, and the mouse should last long if looked after well. The biggest downside is that the right button has quite a lot of vertical play, and feels loose as a result. It didn’t bother me too much during actual use though. Another thing I picked up was that the side buttons feel uneven, but again not a great impact on the end experience. The clicks on the Sergeant are medium to heavy. We have average pre-travel on the primaries, with low post travel. The side buttons are quite good, apart from the unevenness I mentioned. The scroll wheel feels a little flimsy but gets the job done. The Sergeant actually has a third side button, which T-Dagger calls the Quick Fire button. By default this is programmed to three rapid clicks, so you could use it for burst fire in FPS games. It can be remapped with the software though. I also like the fact that there are two DPI buttons. When changing the DPI, the RGB will briefly change colour to indicate the new level.

Gradual slope towards the front

As far as performance goes, it’s pretty much what you would expect from a $20 mouse. The Sergeant features the Pixart 3212 (4800DPI, 10G, 30IPS), which is a low-end sensor. The lift-off distance is high at between 3 and 4 DVDs. I also experienced some spin outs and jitter with the mouse. Barring these shortcomings, it actually felt pretty good in CSGO. My hand seems to be a good fit for this mouse at 18x9cm, and it was surprisingly comfortable in game. Because of the heavier weight, I had to slightly increase my sens in CSGO. Even though this is not a great sensor, it should be adequate for most casual gamers. If gaming performance is important to you, there are better options at this price point such as the Redragon M711. The M711 has a better sensor in the form of the 3325.

Ideal for fingertip or claw

The software is more extensive than I expected, which is nice. You can reprogram any of the eight buttons to things like multimedia and macros. The DPI is adjustable in steps of 400, and you can save up to five levels. The default levels were a bit strange, not the usual 400, 800, 1600 and so forth. Under Mouse Parameter you can fine tune the mouse, and you can also set the polling rate.

The T-Dagger is a solid budget mouse, but even at this low price point there are competitors, the biggest one being the Redragon M711. While it’s not quite as flashy in appearance, the M711 does have a safer shape and a better sensor. But at this price point a lot of users aren’t too bothered about the nitty-gritty specs, and if you just want a good looking RGB mouse for daily work and the odd game, the Sergeant is good value at $20.


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