Glorious Model D Review

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The Model D is a lightweight ergo mouse from Glorious PC Gaming Race. What I like about Glorious mice is the combination of the PMW3360 sensor, G-Skates feet and Ascended Cord. These mice have uncompromising performance with great tracking, low lift-off distance, smooth glide and zero cable drag. Build quality and QC is probably not where it should be, but it’s improving all the time.

The Model D weighs only 68g, which makes it one of the lightest medium ergo mice alongside the G-Wolves Skoll. It’s a very natural shape with gradual grooves. It’s one of those shapes that feels comfortable right off the bat. You can literally just plug it in and start fragging. This is definitely up there with the Zowie EC and DeathAdder v2 as far as best ergo shape goes.

This is an ergo mouse, so it’s obviously tailored for a palm grip, but this mouse felt just as good for claw and fingertip. I personally prefer smaller mice, so the Model D was bit too big for me at a hand size of 18x9cm. If you’re a palm gripper, anything from 17cm and upwards should be good, with the ideal hand size being 19-21cm. For claw and fingertip, anything from 18cm and higher should be good. Keep in mind that these are just general guidelines, as personal preference also comes into play.

The unit I have here did have some poor QC unfortunately. There is a worrying amount of vertical play on M2, and the button feels loose. Every time I laid my hand on the mouse I felt and heard the button move. I am hoping the QC gets better, as it feels like a lottery if you’re going to get a good or bad unit. Apart from M2, the build is actually very good. The frame is sturdy and none of the parts feel loose. The primary clicks are quite light, with low pre-travel and medium post-travel. The side buttons are good too, and don’t feel too mushy with low pre-travel. Not a big fan of the higher placement of these side buttons though, and they were a bit of a stretch. The scroll wheel is somewhere between smooth and well-defined, so you get the best of both worlds. The DPI button does stick out a bit, but I never hit it accidentally during gaming. The feet placement is the same as the Model O mice, with the G-Skates placed on the corners. You also get some extra feet included if you prefer more of a Zowie EC style.

I’ve used the Model O and Model O Minus before, so I knew what to expect as far as performance goes. The 3360 feels amazing in CSGO, with flawless tracking and an LOD of lower than 1 DVD. The G-Skates are my favourite stock mouse feet, and the glide is just incredibly smooth. The Ascended Cord feels like a paracord and there is no cable drag. This is why I enjoy playing with any Glorious mouse, as the performance is just uncompromising and you know it’s going to be good. I had to increase my sensitivity as the Model D is bigger than my main mouse, the Model O Minus. The Model D handled exceptionally well in-game, and was great for precision aiming. At 68g it also worked great for fast flicks and swipes, and it’s no surprise to see some of the CSGO pros starting to use this mouse. On Kovaak Aim Trainer I even set a new personal best on the small target test.

The software is very straightforward and has everything you need. There is comprehensive button remapping, including macros and multimedia. You can save up to six DPI levels on the mouse, and by default there are four levels at the typical 400, 800, 1600 and 3200. There are 8 RGB modes, and you can control the speed, brightness, direction and colour. The LOD can be set to 2 or 3mm, and make sure to set the debounce to 4ms. What I like about Glorious mice is they are plug and play – the software isn’t essential. I only really use it to change the RGB mode every now and then.

So the Model D is another great release from Glorious PC Gaming Race, and this mouse has made me even more excited for the release of the Model D Minus. Barring the one major QC defect on this unit, I thoroughly enjoyed using this mouse, and it’s a definite recommend from me if it matches your hand size and grip style.


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