Ajazz AJ390 Review

The Ajazz AJ390 is a very good budget mouse, especially if you can snag it on special

Get the Ajazz AJ390 on Amazon or Banggood

The Ajazz AJ390 is a lightweight honeycomb mouse with an affordable price tag. The unit I’m reviewing today goes for $40 on Amazon and Aliexpress, however you can get it for as low as $25 on special. This mouse features the PMW3338 sensor, Huano 50M switches, and has a polling rate of 1000hz. The market has become flooded with copycat honeycomb mice, and it’s no secret that the AJ390 is heavily inspired by the Glorious Model O. The shape, size and design is pretty much identical. What makes this unit stand out from the crowd is its impressive 3338 sensor, and that’s why I was eager to try this mouse.

Comparison with Model O

So you can see these two mice are very similar on paper. The 3338 is definitely no slouch, and even has a higher max DPI and IPS rating than the 3360. However at these high speeds it won’t make much of a difference. The Huano switches is what Zowie use for their mice, so the clicks are a bit heavier, but also more consistent and less likely to develop the double clicking problem that Omrons are notorious for. The Model O has a slight edge as far as weight goes, being seven grams lighter.

The official weight of the AJ390 is actually 69g, however I got a reading of 74g on the scale. Still not a huge difference, but I was able to feel that it’s slightly heavier than the Model O. This mouse has an ambidextrous design and features a low profile with a flattened hump. The best grip style is definitely fingertip, however it’s also going to work great for claw. The ideal hand size is around 17-20cm. If your hand size is 17 and under, you should be able to palm this mouse.

Model O is that you?

The thing that impressed me the most about the AJ390 was the shell. The shell feels very sturdy, and there is virtually no frame bend or creaking. This feels like a very durable mouse, which was a pleasant surprise considering the price. There does seem to be something loose inside the mouse though, and you can even hear this when flicking or swiping. There is also quite a bit of sideplay and wobble on the primary buttons, but not a train smash and it didn’t have an impact on general use for me. Apart from the rattle coming from inside the mouse, the build quality is superb. A lot of honeycomb mice fall flat with poor builds and loose shell parts, so great to see such a good build at an affordable price.


The clicking experience is good too, especially the primary buttons. As mentioned before, these are the Huano switches that you find on Zowie mice, so the clicks are a bit heavier than Omrons. The primary buttons have medium pre-travel, and almost no post travel which is great. They also have a nice tactile feel. The side buttons are decent, and they actually feel less mushy than my Model O Minus. Medium pre-travel, but very high post travel, especially if you press them hard. The scroll wheel has a more tactile feel, with well-defined steps. The cable is slightly thicker and heavier than the Ascend Cord of the Model O, but it’s a good cable nonetheless and I didn’t have a problem with cable drag. We have the corner feet design, and they have rounded edges. Very similar feel to the Glorious G-Skates, but less pacy and more controlled.

I quite like the look of this mouse with the rugged AJ logo on the left. The lighting zone is actually at the base of the mouse, which looks good and gives it that floaty effect in the dark. There are nine colour modes, and you can change modes with a little button underneath the mouse, or use the software. There is also an Ajazz logo inside the mouse, which breathes in sync with the scroll wheel. The logo and scroll wheel will display a colour that indicates the current DPI level, and sadly this is permanent so they don’t form part of the selected RGB mode. This looks a little bit awkward, but oh well.

Great for fingertip or claw

The gaming performance was excellent, and it felt like a slightly heavier and more controlled Model O. The 3338 was surprisingly smooth, and the tracking felt just as good as the 3360. The LOD is less than 1 DVD, which is just what I want when playing CSGO. The AJ390 doesn’t glide as fast and smooth as the Model O, so it has more of a controlled feeling, but I quickly got used to this. Honestly I didn’t really feel like my level dropped in CSGO or Valorant. Having used the Model O Minus for the past few months, the AJ390 feels fuller in my hand, so I get more assistance from the mouse in keeping my crosshair steady. At 74g it’s still very easy to throw this thing around for fast flicks and swipes.

9 lighting modes

With the software you can switch from office mode to gaming mode. This is where things get a little interesting though. In gaming mode you have access to macros that will provide recoil suppression. The built in macros are meant for PubG, however you can record your own. Needless to say, this is basically cheating, so proceed with caution as you can get banned for this. Apart from that, the software is actually quite extensive, and there is complete button remapping functionality. You have control over the RGB modes, and for some of the modes there’s a nifty little RGB colour picker. You can also do macro recording, which can then be assigned to any of the buttons.

I didn’t have high expectations for this mouse, but I have to admit that I was pleasantly surprised here. The AJ390 boasts a superb build, good sensor and is priced very competitively. I think this is a very good budget mouse, especially if you can snag it on special.


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