VicTsing Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

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The VicTsing mechanical gaming keyboard is a budget mech that’s going for only $35 on Amazon. This board features Outemu blue switches, which is a popular choice for budget mechs. The board has a metal and ABS construction, and features rainbow backlighting with a total of 9 different colour modes. We have full anti-ghosting and Windows and Mac compatibility.

The first thing I want to touch on is the build quality. The VicTsing has an ABS and metal construction, and I must say you won’t find many $35 boards with such an impressive build. Minimal frame bend and the keyboard has some good heft to it. The metal top plate actually extends past the bottom of the keyboard, where it angles down, and the plastic wrist rest is mounted here. This obviously means that the wrist rest is not detachable, but overall the keyboard isn’t too big so it won’t hog too much space. The bottom features four substantial rubber feet and rubber-tipped fold outs – this keyboard isn’t going anywhere. We have a rubber cable of 1.8m in length.

Metal top plate

The next thing that impressed me was the stabilisers. Apart from some rattle on the right side of space bar, the bigger keys feel really good. It’s extremely rare to find budget boards with non-rattly bigger keys, so this is a huge bonus. As mentioned, we have the budget-friendly Outemu blues on here. These switches require 60g of force with an actuation point of 2mm. I’ve used a ton of boards with Outemu blues and it’s a very solid clicky switch. A little bit too heavy for my taste, being a linear switch user. The typing and gaming experience was excellent, and this is that ASMR clicky sound that all keyboard lovers have a soft spot for. There was some metal ping with this board, but nothing crazy and I was unaware of it for the most part.

9 backlighting modes

The backlighting looks nice and bright, and you will definitely be able to use this board in the dark. A little bit of an underwhelming list of backlighting modes, with only 9 options, and two of these are static gaming profiles. The board features a stylized blocky font. Personally I’m not a big fan of this font, but it doesn’t look too bad, and it’s understandable considering the target market. The mounting plate has a sleek matte black finish, and we have a logo between the arrow keys and nav cluster. The screws are hidden under the keycaps, which adds to the clean look. The VicTsing features ABS keycaps with a thickness of 1mm. These are double shot, but as always ABS keycaps can develop shine over time. Removing the keycaps was easy, and the HyperX white puddings actually looked really good on here, even though I don’t usually like them with rainbow backlighting.

HyperX White Pudding

The Fn layer has all the basic features you would expect. The F-row features multimedia control as well as quick access. You can cycle through the backlighting modes with Fn + Insert. Then you have control over the brightness and speed via the arrow keys, and there is also a Windows lock option.

The VicTsing has definitely made it into my top 3 as far as budget mechs go. Two of the most important things for me is build quality and typing experience, and the VicTsing absolutely nails this. It does have a fairly limited list of backlighting modes and a stripped down Fn layer, but these are minor issues and this board offers exceptional value at $35.


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