Logitech G305 Review

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The Logitech G305 is the wireless version of the popular G203. This mouse uses Logitech’s proprietary Lightspeed technology, which is their own 2.4GHz protocol. Lightspeed offers a 1ms report rate and a robust connection guarded against outside interference. Included in the packaging is an AA battery, and you can get up to 250 hours of use. This mouse has no RGB, but it is also available in white, blue and lilac. The G305 features the HERO sensor with a max DPI of 12000.

So with the Duracell Ultra Power the G305 comes up to 96g, however you can get a good weight reduction by using lithium batteries. This will also improve the weight distribution, as the mouse feels a bit back heavy with the Duracell. With an AA lithium battery the weight drops down to 88g. Then there is also the option of using a AAA lithium with an adapter, which gets the weight down to around 84g. A cheaper and lighter alternative is using tin foil instead of an adapter, and this will cut the weight down to roughly 81g. If that’s not good enough, you could have a look at some honeycomb mods. I’ve seen the mouse modded to as low as 53g.

As far as shape and size, it’s a carbon copy of the G203. A very simplistic shape, but of course the sharp diagonal side curves has been a subject of debate. Some users have experienced hand cramps, so just something to be aware of, especially if you have bigger hands. Kind of egg shaped at the back, which is not all that great for palm grip. It’s not my favourite shape ever, but I was able to adapt, and didn’t experience any discomfort or feel like my aim was worse. Personally I would like more gradual side curves and a wider back. The G305 is short and feels fairly wide for its length. When you compare it to similar mice, you can see it has a lower length but bigger grip width. The ideal hand size here is small to medium, and the best grip style is fingertip or claw. If you have smaller hands then palm grip should be fine, however the egg-shaped back isn’t really going to fill the palm.

As far as clicking goes, the G305 has very light clicks with medium pre-travel and low post-travel. The primaries have a nice tactile feel, but just note that they are fairly loud. The side buttons feel a little mushy, with medium pre-travel and high post-travel. They aren’t flat but have more of an outward curve – personally it didn’t really make much of a difference to me. I’m fine with either design. The scroll wheel has well-defined steps and stiff clicks. The G305 has a matte finish, and it feels quite grippy and is grease resistant. Build quality is very good, and the plastic shell feels strong and durable. No need to worry about things like frame bend, creaking or rattling. We have the corner feet design, and there is also an added foot at the back for stability.

The gaming performance was surprisingly good. I expected the G305 to feel heavy and slow at 88g, but the freedom of movement you get with wireless made up for the weight. 88g isn’t that heavy anyways, it’s just that I’m used to my 58g Model O Minus. I haven’t used a wireless mouse in quite some time, and I have to say that it just feels way better than wired. I’m not even sure how I can go back to my wired mouse after this. The Lightspeed connection felt really snappy, and I had absolutely no problems with input lag or delay. I didn’t even need to use the receiver extension. The G305 features the HERO sensor. This sensor has a range of 200-12000 DPI, with a max acceleration of 40G and a max speed of 400IPS. Very low LOD at less than 1 DVD. This is a high-end sensor and the in-game performance was flawless. The stock PTFE feet are good, however you should be able to improve the glide and speed with corepads or hyperglides. The weight wasn’t as big of an issue as I thought it would be, and I didn’t experience any kind of strain or discomfort. For CSGO and Valorant I don’t feel like my performance dropped by much. However when doing the Kovaak big target flick test, the mouse didn’t feel as nimble as the Viper Mini or Model O Minus. If I were to use this mouse as my main, I would definitely try the AAA lithiums with tin foil to get that weight down to 80g.

All six buttons can be reprogrammed via G Hub, and there is a comprehensive list of options, including commands, actions and macros. The DPI can be adjusted in increments of 50, with a minimum of 200 and max of 12000. The G305 has onboard memory so all settings are saved on the mouse. There are two modes to choose from: performance mode and endurance mode. Switching to endurance mode will reduce the report rate to 8ms to preserve battery life.

The G305 is an affordable, no-frills wireless mouse that’s going to work great for general use and gaming. Honestly there isn’t much to dislike about this mouse. If you’re fine with the shape and weight, it’s a great cheaper alternative to the G Pro Wireless and Viper Ultimate.


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