AKKO 3068 Tokyo World Tour

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The AKKO3068 Tokyo World Tour is a special edition that captures the essence of Japan, with a cherry-blossom colored case and dye-sublimated keys featuring Mount Fuji, sakura and koi fish. This board comes with Cherry MX switches and is available with the reds, browns or blues. This is a 65% keyboard, which is one row wider than the 60% form factor. In addition to dedicated arrow keys, there is also a dedicated Delete, Pg Up and Pg Dn key. The AKKO 3068 can also run wirelessly via Bluetooth 3.0, and has a 1800 milliamp hour battery with up to 120 hours of battery life. There are a few other special editions available, including the Ocean Star and Retro.

So this keyboard obviously has a very compelling design. It has a cherry-blossom coloured case with the AKKO branding on the front right. The modifier keys are of the same colour, and then the smaller keys are white with pink side print. The keycaps are 85% PBT and have good thickness to them at 1.5mm. What really caught my eye here was the space bar, which features extremely beautiful artwork of mount fuji, sakura and a tori gate. The keycaps are not shinethrough and the board doesn’t have backlighting, only a few LEDs that indicate Caps Lock, bluetooth and charging status. You’ll also find some spare key caps, including a koi fish Enter, and some cool looking Row 4 keys. I couldn’t imagine anyone wanting to replace these keycaps, but in case you do, just note that there’s a whole bunch of non-standard keys with this layout. This keyboard looks stunning, and is neck-and-neck with the Ducky Bon Voyage as my favourite keycap set. This is by far the best looking space bar I’ve seen. It is a full plastic case, but feels strong and isn’t too bendy. The bottom of the board features four fixed rubber feet and a bluetooth switch. By the weight of this board it feels like it has a steel mounting plate, and also note that this board is not hot swappable as the switches are soldered to the PCB. We have a detachable USB C rubber cable that is 1.5m in length.

The 65% form factor gives you a nice productivity boost with dedicated arrow keys, as well as a Delete, Pg Up and Pg Dn key. There is also a tilde key, which is a strange design choice, as I think something like Home or End would’ve been more useful. The rest of the Nav cluster sits on the Fn layer. Then there is also volume control, quick access to the calculator, bluetooth profile switching and a windows lock. By holding Fn + Ctrl you can turn Ctrl into the Menu key. Fn + W will turn WASD into dedicated arrow keys. The Fn layer is a bit bare-bones, and could’ve done with things like Prt Sc and extra multimedia controls. There are three LEDs, and they sit under Tab, Caps Lock and tilde.

The Tab LED indicates that you’re using the keyboard in wired mode, and for some reason it’s always on. Needless to say, it doesn’t look very good. By long pressing Fn and Tab, you can enter Bluetooth mode. You can pair with up to three devices, and the profiles are saved on Fn + E, R and T. Once you’re using the keyboard in bluetooth mode, the Tab LED will turn off. So the only way to get rid of that pesky LED is to permanently use the board in bluetooth mode. So when plugging it in, keep it in bluetooth mode – you’ll just be charging the battery. The tilde LED indicates that the keyboard is charging, and will go off once fully charged. Then of course there is an LED that shows when Caps Lock is activated. There is no software for the AKKO3068, and macro recording is done via the keyboard. I followed the instructions as per the manual, but couldn’t get macro recording to work at all. Just note that the manual included in the packaging is only in Chinese, however there is an English manual available online.

As far as typing performance, I was very impressed by the AKKO3068. The Cherry MX browns feel really good, and the stabilisers are of good quality. They are also factory lubed, and the bigger keys have have minimal rattle. Adding some dielectric grease should make them even better though. The keyboard sounds great, and I really like the gentle bottom out sound of this plastic case.The thicker keycaps also contribute to the nice sound. There is some metal ping, especially on some of the Row 2 keys like F and G, but overall not too bad. My unit did have some wobble, but after opening up the keyboard it seemed to fix itself.

The AKKO3068 offers a very satisfying typing experience and an eye-catching set of keycpas. The lack of software and bare-bones Fn layer is a bit frustrating, but it should still get the job done for productivity. The 65% layout also strikes a nice balance between work and gaming. A very nice keyboard if you like this kind of look.


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