Mira-M Review

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The Mira-M is a medium honeycomb mouse coming in at 67g. This mouse almost looks identical to the G-Wolves Hati. The only difference is the hexagonal holes on the sides and the RGB zone on the scroll wheel. Under the hood we have the Pixart 3360 and Omron 50M switches. The Mira-M has white PTFE skates and a paracord. Needless to say, these are very impressive specs. The Monza unit is going for $60, however most of the other colour variants are $50. Slightly cheaper than the Hati ($65), but the price difference isn’t substantial.

This shape and size is obviously very similar to mice like the G Pro Wireless, Hati and Matar MT-X24. Personally this is my favourite size and shape combination at a hand size of 18x9cm. I feel like this mouse can work for all hand sizes, but medium hands of around 17-19cm is going to be ideal. This is such a good shape that I cannot recommend a single grip style. For my fingertip/palm hybrid grip this mouse feels absolutely amazing. Fingertip and claw will probably be the best, but you can most definitely palm this mouse with small to medium hands. According to the specs the mouse is supposed to be 61-65g, however my unit weighed 67g.

Always enjoy some extras in the packaging

It’s going to be really frustrating talking about the build, as it’s the only thing that’s keeping this from being an excellent mouse. Like the Hati, there is a little bit of vertical play on M1. You’ll feel this when you place your finger on the mouse. So the button ends up feeling slightly loose. I wouldn’t say this is a dealbreaker, but at $60 it’s hard to overlook something like this. Not only are the sides bendy, but the left side feels loose. By simply placing my thumb on the mouse I can feel the looseness of the shell. The bend on the sides is mostly not noticeable, but the looseness is a big problem for me. I guess it depends on how sensitive you are to this kind of thing, but it drives me up the wall when every time I grip the mouse I feel the unsteady left side. I thought it could be a QC issue and contacted HK Gaming regarding the shell. I received a response saying that all units are like this. It’s really frustrating, as this seemingly insignificant build defect has a big impact on the overall experience for me.

Looseness on the left side of the shell

The clicking experience is solid. The primaries have medium pre-travel with low post-travel, and the Omrons have good tactile feedback. The side buttons have a curved surface, giving them a nice feel. They have medium pre- and post-travel, and don’t feel mushy at all. The scroll wheel has well-defined steps with heavy clicks. Like the Hati, this mouse features the corner feet design, and the packaging includes a spare set of feet plus some extension feet. Also included are some extra grips. It seems like the Mira-M only has button grips, and with the Mira-S you get the side grips as well. Not sure why this is the case, or maybe I just got unlucky.

The Mira-M has a matte finish and comes in 10 different colours on Amazon. I like the look of the Monza and Blue Phantom. The RGB zone on the scroll wheel adds a nice aesthetic touch. There are three modes, and they can be toggled by pressing forward and middle button simultaneously. Mode 1 is single colour and it will display a colour corresponding to a DPI level. Mode 2 is colour cycling and Mode 3 is off.

Omron 50M switches

The gaming performance of this mouse is absolutely bonkers. The 3360 is just flawless in-game, and the PTFE feet offer a good combination of speed and control. These are really good stock feet, and I actually like these more than the Hati. They are smooth and fast but also feel controlled. For me the Hati stock feet were a little scratchy and too fast, but of course it’s easy to get replacement feet so not a big deal. The shape and size feels perfect for my medium hands, and this mouse gives me the speed of a Viper Mini with the precision of a DeathAdder. You really get the best of both worlds. The paracord felt weightless and I wasn’t aware of the cable at all. It’s a little heavier than expected at 67g, but it was still very easy to perform fast movements with the mouse. I was easily able to improve my Kovaak record on the small target test, and the mouse felt super aimy on CSGO.

With the software you can do comprehensive button remapping, and any of the 6 buttons can be reassigned. There are six DPI levels, and the range is 100-12000 with increments of 100. You can also disable or enable the levels, and set the colour for each level. Then there is some basic RGB control, and under Mouse Parameters you can set the debounce time and LOD.

White PTFE skates, smooth and controlled

So in summary, the Mira-M is a mouse with a lot of potential, but the looseness on the left side of the shell is a dealbreaker for me. It just baffles me how they can release such a good mouse, and overlook something as important as the side shell. Until the build is improved, I would recommend the G-Wolves Hati instead. It still suffers from the vertical play on M1, but the side shell feels steady and strong. With that being said, if you’re not too fussy about a loose shell, this mouse is still usable. For me it was more of an annoyance than actually having an impact on general use or gaming performance.


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