Ajazz AJ390 Review Update

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So I’ve been using the Matar MT-X24 lately. A very good mouse, but eventually the looseness on the back shell became a dealbreaker for me. I also tried the Mira M recently. Again, a great mouse, but suffers from a loose side shell. For me any kind of looseness on the shell pretty much ruins the whole experience, so build quality is very important. I decided to go back to the Ajazz AJ390. While this mouse is a little heavier and bigger than the Matar and Mira M, the unit I reviewed a while ago had very good build quality. So I have already done a review on the Ajazz AJ390, and that was the black version which I got on Amazon. This time I went for the white version on Banggood.

Before I talk about build quality, I would like to address two questions that popped up from the previous review. So the first one was where to get the software. You can find the software here. The second question was, is it possible to drag click with this mouse. I found it really hard to drag click without any modifications, as the mouse has a smooth finish, so I couldn’t get that vibration that is required. For example it’s easier to accomplish with the Viper Mini that has a more grainy finish. I would also imagine that the higher tension on the Huano switches will make drag clicking harder. It might work if you try some kind of tape trick, but it’s hard to say. Keep in mind that I never got into Minecraft, so my technique isn’t very good. Maybe a seasoned player would be able to get this mouse to drag click without any modifications.

Now let’s talk about build quality. I didn’t find any looseness on the side shell, which is a big plus point. There is a tiny bit of creaking, but nothing to be worried about. I will keep an eye on this though, as it could get worse over time. There is some bend on the sides, but it’s only noticeable when applying above average force. This will definitely not be perceptible when gripping the mouse normally. So for actual use, the sides feel very solid and there is no looseness. Moving on to the backshell, it feels pretty solid, however on the back right area there is some looseness and creaking. I use a fingertip/palm hybrid grip, so the right part of my palm touches the mouse. I was sometimes aware of this issue when using the mouse, but I wouldn’t say it was a dealbreaker for me. It’s basically just a weak area on the back shell, not the entire back shell. I didn’t experience this on the black version though, so could be a QC issue. The black version had some rattle when shaken, however no rattle here with the white version, which is good. So overall I am very happy with the build, it’s just that one minor problem with the back shell. But as I said, it is bearable and not a dealbreaker by any means. As far as build quality, this is a definite improvement over the previous two mice that I used.

So this white unit weighed in at 77g, while the black version was 74g. Now this isn’t heavy by any means, but as I am coming from a 61g mouse, I definitely felt the extra weight. This is a case of making a tradeoff: a slightly heavier mouse for better build quality. I feel that it’s worth making the compromise, however 77g is about as heavy as I can go. One thing I was very impressed with was the stock mouse feet. The glide is exceptionally smooth, and this is a fast mouse.

Moving on to the clicks. I’m not sure if I mentioned it in my review of the black version, but this mouse is extremely loud, especially the side buttons. It features Huano switches, which you find on Zowie mice. The clicks feal heavier and more tactile than Omrons. The primary buttons have medium pre-travel with low post travel. On the right mouse button, I found that the further back you click, the more hollow it sounds, so it’s not completely consistent. The side buttons also have medium pre-travel with very high post travel. So these side buttons do feel quite mushy, but definitely usable. There is some sideplay on the primary buttons, but not enough to have an impact on use. No button wobble to speak of. Overall a good clicking experience if you don’t mind the slightly heavier Huano switches. My only nitpicks would be the inconsistent sound on M2, and the excessive post-travel on the side buttons.

As with the black version that I reviewed, I was very pleased with the gaming performance. The feet felt very smooth and pacy, and the PAW3338 is an excellent sensor. It’s very rare to find a quality sensor on a budget mouse, so this is a standout feature. Flawless tracking and low LOD with no spinouts. I would’ve liked this mouse at under 70g, but it’s still okay at 77g. I do still prefer the GPW/Hati shape and size over the Model O or Ajazz, but there isn’t a huge difference. It’s just that there are no mice with that size and shape combination that have good buld quality, the only one that I am yet to try is the GPW, so that could be the endgame. I did cover the software and RGB stuff in the previous video, so just check that out if you’re wondering about something.

This mouse is going for only $27 on Banggood, but it’s a bit more expensive on Amazon. This is comfortably one of the best, if not the best, budget gaming mice under $30. You just don’t find this kind of build quality and sensor on other offerings. I think the Ajazz AJ390 offers exceptional value.


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