Ajazz K870T Review

The Ajazz K870T boasts some very cool features, like bluetooth connectivity and a volume wheel

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The Ajazz K870T is a tenkeyless mech that can run in bluetooth or wired mode. This board comes with Ajazz’s own switches, and it is available with Reds, Browns, Blues and Blacks. What excited me the most about this keyboard was the volume wheel. Being a media junkie, this is extremely useful to me. The K870T is available in black and white, and features full RGB backlighting with N-key rollover. It has double-shot ABS keycaps and also features some extra coloured PBT keycaps. On the surface this looks like a very promising TKL, and at $70 it isn’t going to burn a hole in your pocket either.

Coloured modifier keys

Like I said in my review of the Royal Kludge G87, bluetooth TKLs are quite rare, so the K870T finds itself in a niche. This board comes with a 2000mAh battery, which will give you 8 hours of use with the backlighting on and 100 hours with the backlighting off. I easily got 3 days on a single charge, and that was with the backlighting on. The keyboard will automatically go into standby mode after 5 minutes of idle time. When the battery is low, the Fn LED will flash to indicate that a charge is required. There is a little charging indicator between Escape and F1, and it takes about 4 hours.

To pair a device, start by flipping the switch on the bottom of the keyboard. You also have to press the Bluetooth mode button. Then you select one of the three profiles, which are saved on Q, W and E. Finally you hold Fn + P for three seconds to enter pairing mode. You can save up to three devices, and then switch between these on the fly. Even though this board uses the older Bluetooth 3.0 standard, I didn’t have any issues with input lag when gaming. It felt very snappy and responsive when playing CSGO.

Ajazz Red switches

So the K870T actually features Ajazz’s very own mechanical switches, and you’ll see that these have the Ajazz branding. Even though these switches were a little scratchy, they felt really good for typing and gaming. I couldn’t find the official specifications, but the actuation force feels around 45g, so they almost feel like lighter Outemu Reds. 40 to 45g is a sweet spot for me, and that’s one reason why I took a liking to these switches. Unfortunately this board isn’t hot swap, so if you’re looking to mod you will need to desolder. It’s a shame because I would’ve loved to put some lube on these Ajazz Reds. Nevertheless I really enjoyed these switches, and even reached a maximum speed of 138WPM on the Aesop typing test. The stabilisers are pre-lubed, but I wouldn’t say it was done very thoroughly. The space bar was actually really good, with minimal rattle. Quite rare to find such a crisp sounding space bar out of the box, so that was a pleasant surprise. Little bit of rattle on the other bigger keys, especially Enter. I did find this keyboard quite loud, but the sound didn’t bother me.

18 RGB modes

The volume wheel is incredibly useful to me. Having quick access to volume control when gaming or playing music is just super convenient. So much quicker than having to use the Fn layer. The wheel can also be used to control the RGB brightness level. You can toggle between the two functions with the volume/brightness button.

The K870T has full RGB backlighting with a total of 18 colour modes. These modes can be accessed via Fn + Nav Cluster. Then you have your usual RGB controls on the Fn layer, including speed levels, direction change and brightness adjustment. You can also set single colours for most modes. In addition to the 18 colour modes, there is an FPS, League of Legends and Office mode saved on 1 – 3. You can customise these profiles by recording your own colours. To start recording, simply press Fn + ~. If you mess up, you can always do a factory reset by holding Fn + PrtSc. Just note that this will also clear your saved bluetooth devices.

No input lag when gaming

Very attractive keyboard overall. The RGB is vibrant and it shines through the legends evenly. The white mounting plate creates a strong underglow effect. The legends feature a medium font, which is a good middle ground. Thick enough to let more backlighting through but not overly stylized. The case has an attractive two piece design, with aesthetic curves around the frame. The Ajazz branding on the front right looks slick as well.

If there was one thing I could change, I would remove the Fn stuff that is printed on the keycaps. It just looks too busy to me, but this is more opinion-based and many people prefer it this way. I love customising my keycaps, so it was really cool to see these coloured modifier keys included in the packaging. I immediately popped these on and it adds a nice touch of colour. They also go great with the white case and white keycaps. The Ajazz switches are Cherry MX compatible, and we have a standard bottom row so keycap customisation will be easy.

Volume wheel can control volume or RGB brightness

So this board actually has a Windows and Mac mode. You can toggle between these with Fn + A and S. On the F-row there is some media controls and quick access to the calculator and default browser. The left icon is Mac and right icon is Windows. F1-F4 only applies to Mac. It seems a little convoluted with the double set of icons, and I would’ve preferred a single set of icons for Windows and Mac.

Build quality is pretty good. The plastic case consists of a bottom part and top cover that clicks into it. There is some bend and creakiness, but nothing alarming. The metal mounting plate gives the keyboard some sturdiness and heft. The USB-C cable is 1.6m in length, and the port can be found middle left on the back. The keycaps are double shot so the legends won’t fade over time, however they are ABS. At $70 I do expect PBT, so a slight letdown that they went for the inferior ABS. Four rubber feet on the bottom, and then we have rubber tipped fold outs. The keyboard won’t slide around easily.

Change RGB mode with Fn + M1-M6

The Ajazz K870T is a solid TKL board. It boasts some very cool features, like bluetooth connectivity and a volume wheel. Decent typing experience with good aesthetics. I think this is a good buy, especially if you can find use for its unique set of features.


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