G-Wolves Hati 2020 – Review Update

G-Wolves Hati on Amazon

So we’re going back to the G-Wolves Hati 2020 today. I had a look at the Hati a few months ago, and except for a little looseness on the left mouse button, I was very impressed by it. The reason I didn’t keep using it was because I was using smaller mice at the time, like the Viper Mini and Glorious Model O Minus. Since then I’ve actually gone back to medium mice, as I just feel like it’s a good fit for my hand size (18x9cm) and my aim is much better. While the smaller mice did give me an increase in speed, I found it hard to control them. With the medium Hati I feel like I get a great combination of speed and control. The thing about the Hati is it’s extremely light at 61g, which means I still get that speed. The slightly bigger size gives me more control and steadiness when aiming. I use a fingertip/palm hybrid grip, so I like that little bit of palm touching the mouse for stability and assistance. Additionally I just really like the simplistic shape of the Hati – no exaggerated curves and very easy to grip. The size, shape and weight combination is a sweet spot for me.

Extras abound

There are quite a few mice with this shape and size, including the Mira M and Matar MT-X24, not to mention the GPW. The Mira M and Matar MT-X24 were unusable for me because of shell looseness, and I feel like the Hati just gives you superior quality. I still want to try the new GPW of course. The Glorious Model O and Ajazz AJ390 are similar, however they have a bigger length and are also lower profile. This might seem like a small difference, but it’s very apparent when holding them. These mice feel bigger but lower profile, which isn’t really what I want. The Hati still feels fairly small, but has a bit more height so it offers more palm support.

Simplistic yet ergonomic

I’ve experienced countless build problems with honeycomb mice, so let’s talk about build quality first. Back when I reviewed the Faze Red version, I was very impressed by the quality of the shell. I had no problems with looseness or creaking. There was only really one issue with the mouse, and that was that the left mouse button had some vertical play or looseness. It was still usable, but it did bother me a little bit. I really don’t like looseness on the primary buttons. Every time you put your hand on the mouse you feel that little bit of give. So that was the very first thing I checked for when I unboxed the Aqua version, and I was very pleased when I learned that it doesn’t suffer from the same looseness. Also, the shell quality is very good just like the previous unit I reviewed. No looseness on the sides and back part of the shell.

Super light

This unit does however have a different shell issue, but luckily it’s in an area where it doesn’t really bother me. It’s right on top in the middle where the mouse buttons start. There is actually quite a lot of looseness and creaking in this area, but I’m mostly unaware of it because I never really touch this area of the mouse. However I am sometimes aware of it when I click further back. But when I have a proper grip on the mouse I didn’t notice it. So while this is a problem, it’s in an area where it doesn’t bother me for the most part. If this was the side or back shell it would probably make the mouse unusable for me. Except for this one area, the overall build is very good. The shell feels strong with no looseness, and no issues with button looseness or wobble. But still, there does seem to be inconsistencies with the Hati shell and buttons, so I think the QC can be improved.


As far as performance, the Hati is an absolute beast. The 3360 sensor feels great in game, with pin-point tracking and low lift-off distance. I honestly don’t have a preference between the 3360 and 3389. The feet are medium to fast, and the glide is pretty smooth. Personally I like these feet and don’t really feel compelled to replace them, but you could probably get a slight improvement by installing Corepad Skatez. The stock cable is very good and you won’t have any problems with cable drag. This cable is right up there with the Glorious Ascended Cable and Ultraweave from Cooler Master. Very solid clicking experience overall, with no excessive travel on the primary or side buttons. The Omron 20M switches have good tactility. Out of all the mice I’ve tried, I feel like this is the one I perform the best with in CSGO.

So I think the Hati and GPW are the best options if you’re looking for a lightweight medium mouse. There are some minor QC issues with the Hati, but overall the shell is robust and it offers excellent performance.


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