Viper Mini vs Hati 2020

Viper Mini and Hati 2020 on Amazon

We’re doing a little comparison between the Viper Mini and G-Wolves Hati 2020. The Viper Mini has become a very popular mouse, not only is it affordable but small and lightweight. The Hati has a growing fanbase and implements the tried and tested GPW shape.

The Mini is definitely more budget friendly at $40, but the Hati is still affordable at $65. You also get a ton of extras so it doesn’t feel like a rip off. The Viper Mini’s sensor is based on the 3359, whereas the Hati features the reliable 3360. These sensors have pretty similar stats, but the 3359 does have higher lift-off distance. So if LOD is important to you, this is definitely something to take into account. The Mini’s LOD can be improved by doing calibration on Synapse, and Razer has also released firmware updates addressing this issue. Nonetheless the LOD is still higher than the 3360. I have a strong preference for low lift-off distance, so the lower LOD on the Hati is important for me, however many users are totally fine with a slightly higher LOD.

The Viper Mini features Razer’s optical switches, which have better durability than the Omrons and are also less likely to develop double clicking problems. These opticals have lower debounce than mechanical switches, so on paper they are faster but it should be imperceptible during actual use. Many users have described these Opticals as feeling mushy, however they are perfectly fine for me. More of a rounded click than the Omrons, but I wouldn’t say they feel mushy. No issues with pre or post travel on either mouse, and the clicks are nice and light.

The Hati’s cable is slightly better, as I did experience a tiny bit of cable drag with the SpeedFlex on the Viper Mini. The SpeedFlex is a decent cable though, and only the more picky users (such as myself) will pick up on this little bit of cable drag. You could always paracord the Mini, so this isn’t a dealbreaker by any means. The Hati features the corner PTFE feet, whereas the Mini has the two feet design. The Viper Mini has a medium and controlled feel, whereas the Hati feels slighty faster. Decent stock feet on both, but not quite on the level of the Glorious G-Skates. You could definitely get an improvement by installing third party feet here.

Then we get to another significant difference, which is obviously the size. The Mini is a small mouse, whereas the Hati is medium. The Viper Mini is smaller in all areas: length, grip width and height. Even though the Hati is bigger, it has the same weight at 61g. There was a small weight difference with my units though, with the Mini being a few grams lighter.

Both of these mice have excellent shapes, and I really like the simplicity. It’s very easy to just grip these mice and start fragging. Both mice feature a middle hump, and the Mini feels more rounded whereas the Hati is slightly flattened. These are ambidextrous mice, and both have very gradual and ergonomic curves on the sides. The Viper Mini has a slight flare at the front, whereas the Hati is more natural in this area. I love the finger grooves on the Viper Mini, and it makes for a comfortable clicking experience. The Mini has flat side buttons whereas the Hati features rounded side buttons. I like both designs and can’t really say one feels more comfortable than the other.

One advantage you have with the Mini is shell quality. The shell just feels very robust and there is no creaking. I’ve had this unit for almost a year now, and the shell hasn’t developed any issues and still feels like it did on the first day. Even though the Hati is one of the better honeycomb shells, you will always get a little bit of creaking and bend with a lightweight honeycomb mouse, and some of them do develop issues over time. So with the Mini you’re guaranteed a strong shell with good durability.

The Viper Mini was never meant to be a flagship mouse, so the budget sensor is understandable, but I would love to see a more premium v2, with improvements to the sensor and cable. Although I am currently using the Hati, I would definitely reconsider the Viper Mini if Razer made these improvements. Both of these are very good mice though, and they’re gonna give you a big speed boost. The main consideration should be the size difference. If you want something small, I’d recommend the Mini, as long as you’re fine with that slightly higher LOD. If you like medium-sized mice, then the Hati is your best bet.

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