Razer PBT Keycaps

This is one of the thinnest fonts I’ve seen on PBT keycaps

Razer PBT Keycaps on Amazon

So we’re having a look at the Razer PBT Keycap Upgrade Set. This set is available in four colours, namely Classic Black, Mercury White, Quartz Pink and Green. What’s quite cool about this is you can buy multiple sets and mix the colours. These keycaps are made of high quality PBT with extra thick walls of around 1.4mm; this means it is durable and won’t develop shine over time. I feel like it’s very reasonably priced at $30.

120 keys, support for ANSI and ISO

There are 120 keys in total with support for the ANSI and ISO layouts. We have the standard bottom row keys, and there is also compatibility with the non-standard Razer bottom row. So this set is compatible with any mechanical or optical Razer keyboard, and any other keyboard that uses Cherry-style switches. Just note that there is no 6.5u space bar for Corsair keyboards, and also no extras for a 65% or 75% layout. There are mechanical and optical stabilisers included in the packaging, and these are meant for Razer keyboards.

Super clean look

I bought this set for myself, as I’ve been looking for a set of white keycaps. A lot of sets I’ve tried recently looked white on the pictures, but in actuality they were more of a cream colour. The stock keycaps of my SnowFox are decent, but I don’t like the Fn icons printed on the keys, and it just looks messy. If you’ve watched some of my Razer reviews, you’ll know that I absolutely love the thinner font they use. It looks really elegant and stylish. This is one of the thinnest fonts I’ve seen on PBT keycaps.

Beautiful thin font

So these keycaps are white, have an ultra-thin font, and no Fn printing. On top of that, the quality is very good and the backlighting shines through evenly. This is exactly what I’ve been looking for! The final look is just really clean. It’s also very easy to match these keycaps with a custom space bar and custom modifier keys. I love changing these keys from time to time, and my keyboard just feels a lot more personal to me. I’m looking to add some artisan keycaps as well.

PBT with 1.4mm walls


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