Drevo Falcon: PMW3389 for $38

The Falcon is almost half the price of competitors like the Hati and Mira M, and you can save a good $30 by opting for this mouse

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The Drevo Falcon is a lightweight honeycomb mouse with a GPW-inspired shape. There are an increasing number of brands trying to produce the so called wired GPW, and the best one I’ve tried to date is my main mouse, the G-Wolves Hati. With a 3389 under the hood and an advertised weight of 70g, the Falcon looks very promising. Add in the fact that it’s only $38, and it could be a cheaper alternative to the Hati and Mira M.

The Falcon was slightly heavier than expected at 74g. This isn’t heavy by any means, however if you look at its competitors, these are all in the low or mid 60s. But with the extra weight you do get better shell quality, and out of the Hati, Matar, Mira and Drevo Falcon, the Falcon has the sturdiest feeling shell. You could try removing the diffuser to shave off a few grams, but I didn’t open the mouse so not sure if it’s possible. I wouldn’t say the 74g is a dealbreaker for me, but my sweetspot for a mouse is around the 60g mark, so the extra weight was definitely noticeable.

Similar to the GPW with a bigger grip width

The Falcon is actually a little bit bigger than the Hati in terms of width, with the most significant difference being the grip width. It also has a less pronounced inward curve on the side, and almost goes straight down. Consequently the mouse feels bigger in the hand, and it’s also harder to pick it up. If you have a wider hand, you might like the extra width this mouse has to offer. Even with the increased grip width, this is still a very friendly and accessible shape, and it’s going to work great for fingertip and claw grip.

One thing that really impressed me was the cable. It’s extremely thin, light and flexible. You will definitely not experience any issues with cable drag, and there is no need for a mouse bungee here. I actually think this is better than the Cooler Master Ultraweave and Glorious Ascend cables. There are three PTFE feet on the bottom, and these have a medium, controlled feel. The glide should improve once the feet break in though. Don’t forget to remove the plastic covers on the mouse feet.

Stunning RGB

The Falcon makes use of Huano 20M switches, and Zowie are known for using these switches in their mice. Huanos have a slightly heavier click than Omrons. As I mostly play FPS, it’s not really a big deal with the heavier clicks, although I do prefer the lightness of Omrons. But I quickly adjusted to the heavier clicks. The primary buttons have medium travel, and I didn’t have any issues with button wobble or side play. The side buttons are pretty good, featuring a sharp edged design. They are fairly small but nonetheless I found them comfortable to use. Medium travel and they didn’t have any mushiness. The scroll wheel felt a little flimsy, but it got the job done and didn’t have a negative impact on usage. I was very satisfied with the clicking experience, as I am always worried about button looseness and mushiness with budget mice.

Less pronounced side curve

The Drevo Falcon felt great in game. The 3389 is one of the best sensors on the market and the tracking felt really crisp. The feet aren’t super fast but have more of a controlled feel, and I am hoping the glide improves once they break in. But for CSGO I actually like medium feet for rifling, as it helps to keep my crosshair steady. It basically felt like a slightly heavier G-Wolves Hati with a bigger grip width. The extra weight didn’t bother me much, and I was still able to pull off my usual flick shots. My general mobility was probability a bit lower though. With the bigger grip width it was more challenging to make small adjustments to my aim. But I am being very nitpicky here, and I honesty don’t feel like my level dropped by much, if at all. I felt very confident with this mouse and didn’t feel inhibited in any way.

PMW3389 offers crisp tracking

The shell has a very sturdy feel, especially in comparison to competitors like the Hati and Mira M. The trade-off is of course that it is heavier than the aforementioned mice, but I think this trade-off will be worth it for many users. I did find some creaking and bend on the sides at the back, but nothing major and you never really touch this area anyways. The finish feels like a mix of matte and glossy, and I did find it a tad slippery. So if you have sweaty hands just take note. The RGB looks really smooth thanks to the diffuser inside the mouse. There is a nice subtle Drevo logo on the left mouse button. Six lighting modes in total, which can be changed with the mouse or software. I especially liked the Wave and Aurora mode. It is more of a flashy look, but you can always just turn the RGB off if it isn’t your cup of tea.

Drevo Power Console

The Drevo Power Console can be downloaded from the website, and it looks very similar to the Glorious and HK Gaming software. All 6 buttons can be remapped and it is possible to record your own macros. The DPI range is 100 to 26000, and it can be set in increments of 100. You can save up to 8 DPI levels on the mouse, and switch between these on the fly with the DPI button. There is a colour corresponding to each DPI level, and the mouse will briefly flash that colour when the DPI is changed. As far as lighting, there are six modes as mentioned. You can change the RGB by pressing the scroll wheel and back side button, or do it with the software. The software gives you speed, direction and brightness control on most of the modes. Under mouse parameter you have access to settings like mouse sens and double click speed, and you can also set the polling rate.

No lack of RGB

The Drevo Falcon offers excellent value at $38, and it’s really exciting to see more and more budget mice featuring the PMW3389 sensor. It’s a big step up from the usual 3325 or 3327 sensors you find in this price range. The Falcon is almost half the price of competitors like the Hati and Mira M, and if you don’t mind the extra few grams and bigger grip width, you can save a good $30 by opting for this mouse. You’ll get better build quality as well. A definite recommend from me if you’re looking for a GPW’esque budget mouse.


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