Yunzii KC84 Macaron Review

World’s first edible keyboard

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We have another Yunzii 75% board today, and this time it’s the Yunzii Macaron 84. Apart from the aesthetics, it’s very similar to the KC84 Carving Front version we looked at in the previous video. So the Macaron has a very interesting set of keycaps and, as the name implies, the keycaps are based on the Macaron, which is a cookie sandwich that originated in Italy and France. We have a beautiful combination of white with pastel yellow and pink. The PCB features the Gateron hot swap sockets, and you can get this board with Gateron Reds, Blacks, Browns or Blues. The Macaron 84 has full RGB backlighting, NKRO and features a detachable USB-C cable.

Charming aesthetics

So this time I have the Gateron Red switches, which are nice and light at 45g actuation. They’re probably more geared towards gaming, but for the lighthanded and dextrous users they should be just fine for typing as well. I’m a big fan of these mainstream Gateron linears, whether it’s the Clears, Reds, Yellows or Blacks. They don’t feel too wobbly and the smoothness is unmatched for the price. The Macaron 84 not only has sound dampening foam in the case, but there is an extra layer between the mounting plate and PCB. This results in a nice soft and gentle bottom out sound, and also reduces the metal ping. It makes a big difference to the overall experience, so kudos to Yunzii for going the extra mile. These are actually different stabs than the other KC84 unit I reviewed, and the stock performance wasn’t quite as impressive. The space bar had a fair amount of rattle, but I did get a big improvement by rebalancing the wire and applying some dielectric grease. This is why the hot swap feature is so useful: it’s super easy to mod the switches or stabilisers. The stabs were actually good post-mod, and the bottom surface area of the inserts is flat, so no clipping is necessary. The flat inserts give the stabilisers a more tactile feel. I was really happy with the typing experience and sound, but I do feel that the stock performance of the stabs should have been better at this price point.

Modding the stabilisers

The Macaron has a two-piece case design with a sunken key profile. The frame did feel a bit bendy and creaky, but it didn’t have an impact on actual use. There are actually no screws that connect the mounting plate to the case. The mounting plate has curved edges at the top and bottom, so it kind of slides into the top cover. The top cover clicks into the bottom part of the case. There are four rubber feet on the bottom as well as rubber-tipped foldouts. The angle is a little bit more steep than what I’m used to, but I wouldn’t say it was uncomfortable. Also nice to see cable routing options with outlets on the left, middle and right.

Cable routing

As I mentioned in the other video, what I really like about the 75% layout is that it’s only one row wider than a 60% board while having a total of 84 keys. So it’s absolutely packed with functionality while maintaining that smaller form factor. We have a dedicated F-Row, Nav Cluster and arrow keys. In terms of work and play balance, this is one of the best layouts you’re gonna find. The Fn Layer features RGB and media controls, as well as a Windows Lock. The RGB modes can be cycled with Fn + Pause, and you have some good variety here with a total of 19 modes. The keycaps aren’t shinethrough but the underglow looks really nice.

Perfect combination of small form factor and productivity

I’m absolutely loving these Macaron themed keycaps. The combination of white with the pastel pink and yellow works really well, and the legends have a light blue colour. Sprinkled across the keyboard are pictures of sweet treats, which adds a bit of playfulness and does it in a stylish and subtle way. This is like the keyboard form of a cookie bakery! The aesthetics are further enhanced by the RGB underglow, and the white case completes the look. If there was one thing I could change, it would be the branding on Space Bar. It really sticks out like a sore thumb and just feels unnecessary. The quality is superb on these keycaps. This is dye-sublimated PBT with walls of 1.4mm. Just take note that these caps have the Cherry profile.


The Macaron is another aesthetically pleasing board from Yunzii, and underneath that sleek exterior is a very good performing keyboard. It might need some modding to achieve that good performance, but at least it’s easy with the hot swap capability. All the important features are there, such as hot swap, PBT keycaps and a detachable USB-C cable. I think this is a good buy if you are into the visual style.


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