Varmilo Dawn Keycaps

So the Varmilo Dawn is one of the keycap sets I considered for my previous build project, and even though I didn’t get them then, I just had to try these eventually. You can grab this set on Ctrl.Shift.Esc, and it’s just awesome to see higher-end keycap sets available on local shores now. I’d like to take a second to commend Ctrl.Shift.Esc on their speedy service and dilligent packaging. The packaging is always top notch with plenty of bubble wrap, and the service is friendly and snappy.

So I really like this design style, with reference to the white alphas that have top left positioned legends, modifiers of a different colour, and accents on Space Bar, Enter and Escape. The GMK Olivia clone that I use on my daily driver also has this kind of style.

The Varmilo Dawn is a 108 key set with the ANSI layout, so you can use this for a full-size, TKL or 61-key layout. It will also fit the 65% MIYA Pro boards. I actually wanted to use this for my upcoming KBD67 Lite, but unfortunately there’s no extra keycaps for 68 and 84-key layouts. This set features the Cherry profile and the keycaps are made of high quality dye-sublimated PBT with a thickness of 1.5mm. They have a textury feel on the fingertips and the thickness ensures a better bottom-out sound. Thinner keycaps just sound too tinny for me, and they don’t have that smooth and rounded sound of thicker keycaps.

I like the contrast between the cream white alphas and dark grey modifiers, and the light blue accents completes the look nicely. A beautiful combination of colours. Just note that the alphas are more of a creamy white as opposed to the white of my Olivia clone set. The legends are a slightly bigger than I would’ve liked, but it’s just a nitpick. Overall I am very happy with this set.


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