Top 5 Budget Gaming Mice 2021

We are in the so-called golden era of gaming mice, and while there were a few pioneers of the honeycomb design, the FinalMouse Air58 Ninja was the first mainstream success. At only 58g, the Air58 Ninja ushered in a new era of ultra-light gaming mice. Since then we’ve seen healthy competition in the market, and you have a plethora of options at $50 or less. Today I’ll be listing my Top 5 budget gaming mice!

#1 Matar MT-X24 $29.99

With a GPW-inspired shape and PMW3389 under the hood, this mouse is an absolute steal at $29.99. The MT-X24 weighs a measly 60g while offering decent build quality, although it does suffer from some shell looseness. This mouse offers superb performance at a ridiculously low price, and I actually used this as my daily driver before switching to the G Pro X Superlight.

#2 Viper Mini $39.99

The 61g Viper Mini has become wildly popular over the past few years. The solid outer shell precludes any honeycomb shell issues like creaking or looseness, which is a big win over competitors. At the time of release, the Viper Mini was one of few “small” mice available on the market, which contributed to its popularity. The small size and lightweight factor will give you zippy performance in-game, however the sensor does suffer from LOD issues and the Speedflex isn’t the greatest cable ever. Viper Mini Ultimate waiting room…

#3 Cooler Master MM710 $49.99

The MM710 is another mouse that enjoyed mainstream success, and it really pushed the envelope at only 53g. Plagued by poor build quality and wobbly buttons initially, the mouse was improved on subsequent batches. No compromises on the sensor here with a PMW3389, and the UltraWeave is one of the better cables in the budget segment. The reason I put the MM710 at #3 is because I feel the Matar MT-X24 and Viper Mini have more accessible shapes. While the MM710 can be used for any grip style, I do feel that it favours claw grip. For a few dollars (and a few grams) more you can grab the MM711 that adds RGB.

4. Glorious Model O $49.99

The Glorious Model O was one of the forerunners of the honeycomb craze, featuring a PMW3360 and the Glorious Ascended cable. The Model O weighs in at 67g with the Model O- coming in at 58g. This mouse feels like a longer and flatter GPW, being a good option for fingertip and claw. The biggest weakness of the Model O is its build quality, and I have experienced issues like creaking and loose shell parts. The cable is also notorious for its poor durability.

5. Ajazz AJ390 $36.99

The AJ390 is a cheap Model O clone, and it actually offers better build quality. This mouse features a 3338 sensor with a weight of 69g. The biggest drawback of this mouse is loud and mushy side buttons.

Honourable mentions

Razer DeathAdder Essential $29.99

Drevo Falcon $39.99

Mira M $49.99


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