headtr1p’s Top Products of 2021

As is customary this time of year, I will be throwing together a short list of my favourite products of 2021. This is by no means a formal write-up, but rather my personal favourites that I enjoyed using. All these products currently feature in my main or second setup, and are definitely endgame worthy in my humble opinion. Let’s dive in!

1. Logitech G Pro X Superlight
The Superlight was the first mouse that completely satisfied my needs. A lot of the mice I tried before it were good, but always had one or two vexing issues, whether it be build quality, LOD or cable drag. The Superlight checked all the boxes, and I still don’t know how Logitech pulled off such a sturdy-feeling shell at only 60g. At the time of writing, I have been using the Superlight for almost nine months, which in itself is saying something as I rarely main a mouse for more than a month!

2. Glorious GMMK Pro
The GMMK Pro is one of the best sub $200 barebones kits you will find. With a well-crafted CNC aluminium chassis and rotary encoder, this has been my favourite for quite some time now. The customisability of this board is really exciting, with Glorious offering different plate and knob styles. Not only is the GMMK Pro a very affordable barebones kit, but Glorious focused on accessibility, making it available as in in-stock item instead of those drawn-out group buys.

3. KBD67 Lite R2
The KBD67 Lite is undoubtedly one of the best bang for buck 65% build kits out there. It’s an absolute steal at $100. With a gasket-mount style, polycarbonate plate and KBDfans stabilisers, it offers a solid foundation where you can just throw on switches and keycaps and you’re good to go. Not bad for a second keyboard!

4. Razer Orochi v2
After acquiring the Superlight, I couldn’t go back to wired mice, and it took some time before I found a mouse that could compete with it. Don’t let the Orochi v2’s smaller size deter you; it’s an absolute delight for fingertippers. The mouse gets a lot of things right, like the feet, switches and shape.

5. Alpaca Linears
I went on an absolute spree of linear switches this year, and I can confidently say that the Alpaca is top of the pile. This switch offers unprecedented smoothness and a beautiful sound profile, not to mention that stunning colourway.


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