Japanese Keycaps 8001

If you’re from the 90s you’re almost sure to recognise this gray colour from the original PlayStation

Japanese Keycaps 8001 on Amazon

As you guys know I have a bit of a keycap obsession, and the latest arrival is a GMK Dualshot clone. This set is available on Amazon for $40, and it is called Japanese keycaps 8001. If you’re from the 90s you’re almost sure to recognise this gray colour from the original PlayStation, and the little bits of colour are from the PS logo. This set will definitely offer a pleasant nostalgic trip back to the 90s.

This is a 129-key set that supports a wide variety of layouts, including 65 and 75% boards. It comes in the Cherry profile and the keycaps are dye-sublimated PBT.

Now I’ve burned my fingers quite a few times with budget clone keycaps, so I tend to have low expectations for these sets. It was a big relief to see that the keycaps actually matched the pictures on the listing page, as that is not always the case. This set actually looks stunning, and the gray goes really well with the pop of colour from the PlayStation logo. It even includes novelties that resemble the PlayStation controller buttons. Even though the legends are a bit thicker than what I like, they are really sharp and clear, and I didn’t have any issues with blurriness. The spacing and alignment on some of the F-Row keys look slightly off, the same goes for some number row keys, and the T legend looks kind of skew. But these are all small things that are forgivable at $40. Just have realistic expectations. Then of course we have the Japanese Katakana sublegends on here, also known as weeb legends. I wouldn’t say I’m a big fan of sublegends, but I didn’t mind these at all, and they look quite stylish.

The quality is decent, and the thickness of the walls is around 1.3mm. It sounds slightly thinner than a 1.5mm Cherry set, but I was satisfied with the sound overall. There is a small gap in the walls of these keycaps, but it didn’t have a noticeable impact on the sound. I did also pick up some roughness on the edges, but nothing that cannot be fixed with a file. The space bar did have a fair amount of warp, so you may want to try the boiling water fix. It was definitely usable without any modding though.

Overall I think this is a solid set of keycaps at $40, and while there are a few issues, none of them are dealbreakers to me. Obviously you cannot expect GMK or ePBT quality at this price point. This is definitely one of the better budget clone sets I have tried over the past few months.


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