Hk Gaming Keycaps ft. Dreamscape & Sunset: Incredible Value!

HK Gaming’s keycaps are very affordable with the price ranging from $40 to $50

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Today we have two HK Gaming keycap sets for review, and these are actually two of their gradient sets, so I was really excited to receive these. We’ll be looking at their Dreamscape and Sunset keycaps.

Very thorough packaging

HK Gaming have a growing list of colourways, and right now there are over 25 different options for these Cherry keycaps. Additionally they have pudding keycaps in different colours as well as rubber keycaps, so I’d definitely recommend checking these out on their website or Amazon. Their PBT Cherry keycaps are very affordable, with the price ranging from $40 to $50. On top of that, they’re always in stock, so there’s no hassle of pre-orders or group buys. HK Gaming’s keycaps are dye-sublimated PBT and they come in the Cherry profile. Each set consists of 139 keys, which includes 31 extras to give you compatibility with most form factors. So if you have something like a 65% or 75% board, you’ll find all the required keys here. There is also support for ISO UK, so ISO users are covered.


Now I have actually reviewed HK Gaming’s 9009 set before, and once again I was really impressed by the quality, especially considering the price. The keycaps come neatly packaged with a wire keycap puller included, which is a bonus. You can immediately tell that the quality is good. The walls have some really good thickness to them at 1.5mm, and I didn’t find any rough edges that needed filing. Thicker walls also means better sound, so that’s great. The legends on the Sunset keycaps were really crisp, especially considering this is dye sublimated.


ne thing to note about these keycaps is that they have a smooth surface as opposed to being slightly textured. This was a non-issue for me, and I found these keycaps very comfortable for gaming as well as typing. It might just take some getting used to if you’re coming from a textured set. I was very happy with the space bars and there was virtually no warp on these. These keycaps are actually a tiny bit shorter than the conventional Cherry profile, which actually gives them a more poppy sound. It’s generally not recommended to use Cherry keycaps on north-facing boards, but these keycaps felt just fine on the GK61, and I didn’t pick up any major interference issues.


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