Nvidia Reportedly Pausing RTX 4070 Production Due To Poor Sales

It seems like the days of GPUs flying off the shelves is something of the past. The new RTX 4070 has seen poor sales in its first few weeks, leading to an oversupply. Nvidia are reportedly slowing production to give partners time to sell existing inventory. Are consumers finally voting with their wallets?

The RTX 4070 is a midrange offering in the Ada Lovelace lineup and was released with an MSRP of $599.

RTX 4090 – $1599
RTX 4080 – $1199
RT 4070 Ti – $799
RTX 4070 – $599

We’re accustomed to Nvidia GPUs being snatched up within minutes of release as miners, scalpers, and the odd consumer scramble to stake their claim. But it seems that Nvidia has overplayed their hand, and they plan to cut supply for up to one month.

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The price of $599 hasn’t done much to alleviate gamers’ cynical outlook on the state of the GPU industry. While the RTX 4070 does offer 3080’esque performance at a lower price, it’s $100 more than the previous-gen 3070. Nvidia’s decision to limit the 4070 cards to 12GB VRAM was not well-received either, and gamers expect at least 16GB at $599.

RTX 1070 – $379
RTX 3070 – $499
RTX 4070 – $599

Cards like the RTX 3060 and RX 6600 XT are still selling well, and most gamers simply aren’t willing to fork out over $500 for a GPU. The RTX 1060, 2060, and 3060 dominate the Steam survey month after month, and Nvidia won’t be able to coax these users into upgrading at $599.

According to a report from MyDrivers, Nvidia is already considering a reduced MSRP of $399 for the RTX 4060 Ti, which would make it the first RTX 40 card with the same MSRP as its RTX 30 predecessor. The 4060 Ti is expected to push out 3070 Ti numbers, so a price of $399 certainly seems appealing as the 3070 Ti is selling for over $500. We’ll find out soon, as the card is expected to launch end of May at Computex.

The RTX 4070 is currently being sold at MSRP on Newegg and Amazon, which is a small miracle in itself, but With Nvidia allegedly offering partners a rebate of $50 for each chip ordered, keep your eyes peeled for a price drop to $549.


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