KBDfans Tiger Lite

KBDfans recently ran a group buy of the Tiger Lite, a build kit that comes in at a very attractive $129. This board has a silicone socks gasket structure with flex cuts in the PCB. There are several colours to choose from including transparent and opaque. The sample we’re looking at here is the Transparent Ink, which is a very flexible colour in that it can be paired with virtually any keycap colourway.

The Tiger Lite comes with a polycarbonate mounting plate, and the kit features comprehensive sound dampening that includes switch pads, PCB foam, and a designed tape mod. This board produces a very satisfying marbly sound profile with exceptional thockiness. Out of the box VIA compatibility means it’s super easy to set it up.

Tiger Lite design

For RGB aficionados, the board does come with an underglow, which will also be visible around the sides of the chassis if you go for a transparent colour.

This sample build features the Alpaca linears with the Akko UNC MDA keycap set. Take note that the Tiger Lite features a non-standard bottom row with a 7u space bar, so make sure your keycap set has all the required keys. This is a stunning keyboard and the highlight is the sound profile. KBDfans has really released a gem here and this is a great budget kit for keyboard enthusiasts.

Build featuring Alpacas and Akko UNC

One thought on “KBDfans Tiger Lite

  1. The Tiger80lite is the bigger brother of my KBD67lite and with its flexcuts in its pcb it is indeed far more flexibel as its smaller brother espescially when in use with its polycarbonate plate.

    This board is a landmark in gasket flexiness. This flex isn’t directly seen when typing on it but can be felt by the ultra soft bottoming down when typing. Its then like typing on velvet.

    Mine is equiped with the excellent Durock Lupine linear switches 63,5 grams with a two stage spring giving it a snappy return and all black SA keycaps.

    I hope you will have a great time with this excellent keyboard.

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