HK Gaming Galaxy 75: Low Profile 75% Kit

You won’t find many kits like this at under $100 Get the HK Gaming Galaxy 75 on Amazon Today we’re taking a look at the HK Gaming Galaxy 75 barebones build kit, a collaboration between HK Gaming and Durgod. The Galaxy 75 comes in a low profile aluminium chassis with a tray-mount design, featuring fullContinue reading “HK Gaming Galaxy 75: Low Profile 75% Kit”

Ajazz Diced Fruit Kiwi Switch: Style Meets Performance

This switch offers a very tactile and punchy typing experience with a satisfying thocky sound profile Get the Ajazz Diced Fruit Kiwi on Amazon Today we’re taking a look at the Epomaker Ajazz Diced Fruit Kiwi switch. This switch forms part of the Diced Fruit series, a collaboration between Ajazz and Huano. There are currentlyContinue reading “Ajazz Diced Fruit Kiwi Switch: Style Meets Performance”

XVX MK84: Coral Sea Themed 75% Keyboard

The board offers a very stylish coral aesthetic with a satisfying typing experience Get the XVX MK84 on Amazon The XVX MK84 is a keyboard that places emphasis on style, a refreshing departure from the generic black or white prebuilt. This keyboard features the Coral Sea keycaps with matching artwork on the case. But it’sContinue reading “XVX MK84: Coral Sea Themed 75% Keyboard”

Hk Gaming Keycaps ft. Dreamscape & Sunset: Incredible Value!

HK Gaming’s keycaps are very affordable with the price ranging from $40 to $50 Get the HK Gaming keycaps on Amazon Today we have two HK Gaming keycap sets for review, and these are actually two of their gradient sets, so I was really excited to receive these. We’ll be looking at their Dreamscape andContinue reading “Hk Gaming Keycaps ft. Dreamscape & Sunset: Incredible Value!”

Cannon Keys Bakeneko65: Endgame On A Budget

The Bakeneko65 is an excellent build kit that offers strong competition to boards like the KBD67 Lite and NK65 Today we have the Cannon Keys Bakeneko65 for review. You might be familiar with its smaller brother, the Bakeneko60. Not only are these boards affordably priced, but they are sold as in-stock items on Cannon Keys.Continue reading “Cannon Keys Bakeneko65: Endgame On A Budget”

Xbox Wireless Controller Review

While the Xbox Wireless Controller isn’t packed with features, it offers irrefutable quality with an ergonomic design, and is a worthy upgrade over its predecessor Today we’re having a look at Microsoft’s Xbox Wireless Controller, also known as the Series X|S. This controller is meant as an upgrade over the Xbox One Controller, however itContinue reading “Xbox Wireless Controller Review”

Razer Wolverine v2 Review

These buttons feel incredibly responsive, and it allows for faster actuation which can give you a competitive edge Razer Wolverine v2 on Amazon I’ve been on the lookout for a new controller recently, as my trusty Xbox One controller started having some drift on the left thumb stick. While I really like the Xbox SeriesContinue reading “Razer Wolverine v2 Review”