HK Gaming Galaxy 75: Low Profile 75% Kit

You won’t find many kits like this at under $100 Get the HK Gaming Galaxy 75 on Amazon Today we’re taking a look at the HK Gaming Galaxy 75 barebones build kit, a collaboration between HK Gaming and Durgod. The Galaxy 75 comes in a low profile aluminium chassis with a tray-mount design, featuring fullContinue reading “HK Gaming Galaxy 75: Low Profile 75% Kit”

Cannon Keys Bakeneko65: Endgame On A Budget

The Bakeneko65 is an excellent build kit that offers strong competition to boards like the KBD67 Lite and NK65 Today we have the Cannon Keys Bakeneko65 for review. You might be familiar with its smaller brother, the Bakeneko60. Not only are these boards affordably priced, but they are sold as in-stock items on Cannon Keys.Continue reading “Cannon Keys Bakeneko65: Endgame On A Budget”

MarvoDIY Redefined68: Budget 65% Build Kit

If Marvo can iron out a few of the issues, this keyboard can really cement itself as one of the best bang for buck build kits MarvoDIY sent me their new Redefined68, which is a barebones 65% build kit that comes in at a very attractive $79. Having reviewed the TM680 recently, I’ve been eagerContinue reading “MarvoDIY Redefined68: Budget 65% Build Kit”

Budget DZ60 Build with 60% Transparent Case

60% Transparent Case & Aluminium Plate on Banggood Today we’re looking at a 60% transparent case and aluminium plate from Banggood. I paid a little over 30 bucks, with the case and plate going for $16 each. These parts will be ideal for a sub $100 build, or you could even use the case forContinue reading “Budget DZ60 Build with 60% Transparent Case”

Glorious GMMK Pro: 75% Kit with Big Potential

There are a few issues with the GMMK Pro right now, but at its core it offers incredible build quality with a superb typing experience The GMMK Pro has finally arrived on South African shores! Ctrl.Shift.Esc ran a pre-order on this beast and the stock was shipped out early June. The GMMK Pro is meantContinue reading “Glorious GMMK Pro: 75% Kit with Big Potential”

DZ60RGB ANSI v2 & Acrylic Case Build: The Stacked60

So we’re doing our second DZ60 build today, and I’ve really been looking forward to this as we’re using a completely custom-made acrylic case. This build will also be gasket mount, which is different from the more typical tray mount in that there is gasket material between the plate and keyboard housing. This results inContinue reading “DZ60RGB ANSI v2 & Acrylic Case Build: The Stacked60”

DZ60RGB v2 & TOFU 60% Custom Build

Today we’re doing a DZ60RGB v2 build featuring the TOFU 60% Aluminium case and NovelKeys Cream switches. Big shoutout to Ctrl.Shift.Esc for providing all the build parts. Now in case you don’t know, Ctrl.Shift.Esc is a new custom mechanical keyboard store in South Africa. And yes, you heard that right, in South Africa. They’ve partneredContinue reading “DZ60RGB v2 & TOFU 60% Custom Build”