Nvidia RTX 40 Series vs AMD RDNA 3: The Current GPU Landscape

Nvidia launched their flagship RTX 4090 in October 2022, a behemoth of a card that set a new precedent for GPUs. It became the first card to offer a truly high refresh rate 4K gaming experience. But extreme performance comes at an extreme price, and consumers groaned at the MSRP of $1599. Not that theContinue reading “Nvidia RTX 40 Series vs AMD RDNA 3: The Current GPU Landscape”

Best Gaming PC Builds 2023

With crypto mining profitability at an all-time low, we’re finally seeing some GPUs available at MSRP again. Ethereum’s move to Proof-of-Stake in 2022 caused hordes of miners to jump ship and dump their secondhand GPUs on eBay. But even before that GPU prices were dropping, and the Ethereum merge was the final straw–gamers are smilingContinue reading “Best Gaming PC Builds 2023”

Intel Raptor Lake vs AMD Ryzen 7000: The Current CPU Landscape

We’ve already discussed the steep entry cost of AM5 and how it should become more affordable over time, so let’s see where Raptor Lake fits into the picture. Raptor Lake is basically an enhanced version of the Intel 7 manufacturing process, offering higher clock speeds, higher core counts, and more cache. Still running on theContinue reading “Intel Raptor Lake vs AMD Ryzen 7000: The Current CPU Landscape”

AMD Ryzen 7000 and AM5 Is Not Worth It… Yet

AMD’s much anticipated Ryzen 7000 series was released on 27 September 2022, and although the new chips offer impressive performance gains, it’s been a slow start with multiple retailers reporting underwhelming sales. This isn’t hugely surprising, as there are a few things holding Zen 4 back–for now at least. The current economic climate is hardlyContinue reading “AMD Ryzen 7000 and AM5 Is Not Worth It… Yet”