Yunzii Keynovo IF98: Gasket Mount Prebuilt!

If you’re looking to graduate from those loud and pingy prebuilts, I think this is a great choice Get the IF98 on Amazon 2022 has been an exciting year in the keyboard space, as we’re seeing more and more gasket-mount kits and prebuilts popping up, most of which are coming in at very affordable prices.Continue reading “Yunzii Keynovo IF98: Gasket Mount Prebuilt!”

XVX MK84: Coral Sea Themed 75% Keyboard

The board offers a very stylish coral aesthetic with a satisfying typing experience Get the XVX MK84 on Amazon The XVX MK84 is a keyboard that places emphasis on style, a refreshing departure from the generic black or white prebuilt. This keyboard features the Coral Sea keycaps with matching artwork on the case. But it’sContinue reading “XVX MK84: Coral Sea Themed 75% Keyboard”

Yunzii KC68 Review: Prebuilts Are Getting So Good!

The KC68 offers very solid stock performance with a unique aesthetic Yunzii KC68 on Amazon Yunzii sent me their KC68 for review, and it’s really exciting to see 65% prebuilts popping up on the market. We’re seeing this once niche form factor become more accessible, and already there are a plethora of budget-friendly options likeContinue reading “Yunzii KC68 Review: Prebuilts Are Getting So Good!”

Kemove Shadow: One of The Best Mid-End 60% Boards

Kemove Shadow on Amazon Today we’re revisiting an underrated gem in the mid-end 60% market, the Kemove Shadow. You may have seen the white version of this board on the channel, and I used the Snowfox as my daily driver for a couple of months. It’s very rare to get such a good typing experienceContinue reading “Kemove Shadow: One of The Best Mid-End 60% Boards”

Redragon Kumara: Still Amazing Value At $30

This is my top recommendation if you’re looking for a super budget entry level mech Redragon Kumara on Amazon The Redragon Kumara is arguably one of the best bang for buck mechs on the market. The board has enjoyed mainstream success for an extended period of time, and with a price tag of only $30Continue reading “Redragon Kumara: Still Amazing Value At $30”

Yunzii KC84 Pro & Yunzii Milk PBT Keycaps

The KC84 Pro is a great entry-level mech that offers a strong set of features, including hot-swap sockets and PBT keycaps KC84 Pro on Amazon A few months ago I looked at two keyboards from Yunzii’s KC84 series and I was thoroughly impressed. Since then they’ve released a Pro version and they were kind enoughContinue reading “Yunzii KC84 Pro & Yunzii Milk PBT Keycaps”

Gamakay TK68 Review: 2.4Ghz Keyboard!

I’m especially liking the PBT keycaps and 2.4Ghz connection at under $100, and this keyboard is going to be very competitive against something like the Keychron K6 Gamakay TK68 on Banggood We’re taking a look at the Gamakay TK68 today, a keyboard that comes with Bluetooth and a 2.4Ghz receiver. It’s good to see theContinue reading “Gamakay TK68 Review: 2.4Ghz Keyboard!”