Royal Kludge RK Round: Innovative Design

Underneath the sleek exterior the RK Round offers a great set of features and a satisfying typing experience. Get the RK Round on Amazon Today we are reviewing the Royal Kludge Round. This is a very unique-looking keyboard characterised by a round chassis and typewriter style keycaps that come in a pink and white colourway.Continue reading “Royal Kludge RK Round: Innovative Design”

NPET61 Mechanical Keyboard Review

It’s the best bang for buck keyboard I have ever reviewed Today we have a super budget keyboard for review. The NPET61 sells for only $19 on Amazon, making it the cheapest mechanical keyboard I’ve ever reviewed. Honestly I wasn’t expecting much for $19, but when I opened the box I was intrigued. This isContinue reading “NPET61 Mechanical Keyboard Review”

Razer Ornata v3 X: Slim and Low Profile Keyboard

The Ornata v3 X is a good keyboard for $40, but there are definitely a few caveats Get the Ornata v3 X on Amazon The Razer Ornata v3 is the latest refresh of Razer’s Ornata series. This time they have released two versions: the v3 sticks with the Mecha-Membrane switches and the v3 X isContinue reading “Razer Ornata v3 X: Slim and Low Profile Keyboard”

Yunzii Keynovo IF98: Gasket Mount Prebuilt!

If you’re looking to graduate from those loud and pingy prebuilts, I think this is a great choice Get the IF98 on Amazon 2022 has been an exciting year in the keyboard space, as we’re seeing more and more gasket-mount kits and prebuilts popping up, most of which are coming in at very affordable prices.Continue reading “Yunzii Keynovo IF98: Gasket Mount Prebuilt!”

XVX MK84: Coral Sea Themed 75% Keyboard

The board offers a very stylish coral aesthetic with a satisfying typing experience Get the XVX MK84 on Amazon The XVX MK84 is a keyboard that places emphasis on style, a refreshing departure from the generic black or white prebuilt. This keyboard features the Coral Sea keycaps with matching artwork on the case. But it’sContinue reading “XVX MK84: Coral Sea Themed 75% Keyboard”

Yunzii KC68 Review: Prebuilts Are Getting So Good!

The KC68 offers very solid stock performance with a unique aesthetic Yunzii KC68 on Amazon Yunzii sent me their KC68 for review, and it’s really exciting to see 65% prebuilts popping up on the market. We’re seeing this once niche form factor become more accessible, and already there are a plethora of budget-friendly options likeContinue reading “Yunzii KC68 Review: Prebuilts Are Getting So Good!”

Kemove Shadow: One of The Best Mid-End 60% Boards

Kemove Shadow on Amazon Today we’re revisiting an underrated gem in the mid-end 60% market, the Kemove Shadow. You may have seen the white version of this board on the channel, and I used the Snowfox as my daily driver for a couple of months. It’s very rare to get such a good typing experienceContinue reading “Kemove Shadow: One of The Best Mid-End 60% Boards”