Redragon Kumara: Still Amazing Value At $30

This is my top recommendation if you’re looking for a super budget entry level mech Redragon Kumara on Amazon The Redragon Kumara is arguably one of the best bang for buck mechs on the market. The board has enjoyed mainstream success for an extended period of time, and with a price tag of only $30Continue reading “Redragon Kumara: Still Amazing Value At $30”

Yunzii KC84 Pro & Yunzii Milk PBT Keycaps

The KC84 Pro is a great entry-level mech that offers a strong set of features, including hot-swap sockets and PBT keycaps KC84 Pro on Amazon A few months ago I looked at two keyboards from Yunzii’s KC84 series and I was thoroughly impressed. Since then they’ve released a Pro version and they were kind enoughContinue reading “Yunzii KC84 Pro & Yunzii Milk PBT Keycaps”

Gamakay TK68 Review: 2.4Ghz Keyboard!

I’m especially liking the PBT keycaps and 2.4Ghz connection at under $100, and this keyboard is going to be very competitive against something like the Keychron K6 Gamakay TK68 on Banggood We’re taking a look at the Gamakay TK68 today, a keyboard that comes with Bluetooth and a 2.4Ghz receiver. It’s good to see theContinue reading “Gamakay TK68 Review: 2.4Ghz Keyboard!”

Budget DZ60 Build with 60% Transparent Case

60% Transparent Case & Aluminium Plate on Banggood Today we’re looking at a 60% transparent case and aluminium plate from Banggood. I paid a little over 30 bucks, with the case and plate going for $16 each. These parts will be ideal for a sub $100 build, or you could even use the case forContinue reading “Budget DZ60 Build with 60% Transparent Case”

Keychron K6 Review

The K6 has a compelling feature-set, including Bluetooth, Mac compatibility and hot-swap Keychron K6 on Amazon I’ve been meaning to review a Keychron board for a while, and with Takealot offering these at reasonable prices I just couldn’t resist! Keychron makes prebuilt boards that are aimed at keyboard enthusiasts and professionals. What separates these boardsContinue reading “Keychron K6 Review”

Glorious GMMK Pro: 75% Kit with Big Potential

There are a few issues with the GMMK Pro right now, but at its core it offers incredible build quality with a superb typing experience The GMMK Pro has finally arrived on South African shores! Ctrl.Shift.Esc ran a pre-order on this beast and the stock was shipped out early June. The GMMK Pro is meantContinue reading “Glorious GMMK Pro: 75% Kit with Big Potential”

Gamdias Hermes E2 Review

While the E2 isn’t overly impressive, it should be just fine as an entry-level budget mech Gamdias Hermes E2 on Amazon The Gamdias Hermes E2 is a budget tenkeyless mech featuring Gamdias’ own certified mechanical switches. It boasts 7-colour rainbow backlighting with 1000Hz polling rate and N-Key rollover. This keyboard is very attractively priced inContinue reading “Gamdias Hermes E2 Review”

Yunzii Akko 3061 Neon: Stylish 60% Keyboard

The Akko 3061 Neon offers an eyecatching appearance that will spice up any gaming setup Akko 3061 Neon on Amazon & Akko Neon Keycaps The Yunzii Akko Neon 3061 is a 60% board with a futuristic, Cyberpunk-inspired set of keycaps. It supports the Bluetooth 5.0 protocol with a 1800mAh battery, and you can also plugContinue reading “Yunzii Akko 3061 Neon: Stylish 60% Keyboard”

Varmilo VA87M Summit: Endgame keycaps!

This is the kind of keyboard that’s going to serve you well for several years Get the Varmilo VA87M Summit on Ctrl.Shift.Esc So I’ve been counting the days to the arrival of the Varmilo keyboards and desk mats, and they’re finally here on South African shores! I’m already using the Varmilo Panda desk mat asContinue reading “Varmilo VA87M Summit: Endgame keycaps!”