Redragon K630 Dragonborn Review

If the single colour backlighting and lack of bluetooth aren’t dealbreakers for you, you can save a good chunk of money here The Redragon K630 Dragonborn is the successor of the K530 Draconic that was released in 2020. The Dragonborn is available in two versions: there is a full RGB offering and a more budget-friendlyContinue reading “Redragon K630 Dragonborn Review”

DZ60RGB ANSI v2 & Acrylic Case Build: The Stacked60

So we’re doing our second DZ60 build today, and I’ve really been looking forward to this as we’re using a completely custom-made acrylic case. This build will also be gasket mount, which is different from the more typical tray mount in that there is gasket material between the plate and keyboard housing. This results inContinue reading “DZ60RGB ANSI v2 & Acrylic Case Build: The Stacked60”

Yunzii KC84 Macaron Review

World’s first edible keyboard Get the Yunzii Macaron 84 on Amazon We have another Yunzii 75% board today, and this time it’s the Yunzii Macaron 84. Apart from the aesthetics, it’s very similar to the KC84 Carving Front version we looked at in the previous video. So the Macaron has a very interesting set ofContinue reading “Yunzii KC84 Macaron Review”

Yunzii KC84: Aesthetic 75% Keyboard

I would definitely recommend this if you’re looking for an affordable 75% keyboard Get the YUNZII KC84 on Amazon We’re taking a look at a 75% keyboard today, the YUNZII KC84 Front Carved red version. This is a hot-swap board featuring Gateron mechanical switches and it is available in the typical Red, Black, Brown andContinue reading “Yunzii KC84: Aesthetic 75% Keyboard”

Havit KB487L Review

The Havit KB487L is an entry-level TKL that is focused on work and play balance with the inclusion of a complete numpad. It features multicoloured PBT keycaps and there are two colourways to choose from. In addition to this Halloween-inspired version, there is a white Chalk design. The KB487L is currently only available with JixianContinue reading “Havit KB487L Review”

Cooler Master CK530 v2: Solid Budget TKL

While the typing experience is slightly marred by the rattly space bar, this board has a sleek exterior with extensive RGB control Get the CK530 v2 on Amazon The Cooler Master CK530 v2 is a refresh of the original model released back in January of 2019. The v2 sees the addition of a wrist restContinue reading “Cooler Master CK530 v2: Solid Budget TKL”

Tecware Phantom 87 Update 2021

I honestly cannot think of a mech that offers better value Get the Tecware Phantom 87 on Amazon So I did a video on the updated Tecware Phantom 87 recently, however that wasn’t the most recent version. Tecware was kind enough to send me the latest version of the Phantom 87, and it’s really greatContinue reading “Tecware Phantom 87 Update 2021”