Logitech G305 Review

Get the Logitech G305 on Amazon The Logitech G305 is the wireless version of the popular G203. This mouse uses Logitech’s proprietary Lightspeed technology, which is their own 2.4GHz protocol. Lightspeed offers a 1ms report rate and a robust connection guarded against outside interference. Included in the packaging is an AA battery, and you canContinue reading “Logitech G305 Review”

Ajazz AJ390 Review

The Ajazz AJ390 is a very good budget mouse, especially if you can snag it on special Get the Ajazz AJ390 on Amazon or Banggood The Ajazz AJ390 is a lightweight honeycomb mouse with an affordable price tag. The unit I’m reviewing today goes for $40 on Amazon and Aliexpress, however you can get itContinue reading “Ajazz AJ390 Review”

Glorious Model D Review

Get the Glorious Model D on Amazon The Model D is a lightweight ergo mouse from Glorious PC Gaming Race. What I like about Glorious mice is the combination of the PMW3360 sensor, G-Skates feet and Ascended Cord. These mice have uncompromising performance with great tracking, low lift-off distance, smooth glide and zero cable drag.Continue reading “Glorious Model D Review”

G-Wolves Hati 2020 Edition Review

Get the G-Wolves Hati 2020 on Amazon The G-Wolves Hati 2020 Edition is a lightweight mouse aimed at gamers and mouse enthusiasts. This is an upgraded version of the original Hati, and G-Wolves was kind of enough to send me a list of improvements (show). This mouse is regarded by many as a lighter andContinue reading “G-Wolves Hati 2020 Edition Review”