The Best Settings For Fortnite

Boost your FPS and dominate the lobby

by headtr1p, October 26 2023

Fortnite is a fast-paced competitive game where every split second matters; that's why it's important to finetune your settings for optimal performance. This guide will help you achieve a significant boost in FPS to ensure smooth gameplay without any lag or input delay.

As far as FPS, more is always better for competitive gaming, and you want to be targeting 120 FPS minimum. If you have a capable PC, we can easily hit 200-300 FPS in a game like this. Naturally you will have to make a few sacrifices on visual quality, but the game will still look decent.

Graphics Card & Monitor

Fortnite is not a very demanding game, but you will need a respectable machine to achieve higher frame rates. Something in the neighbourhood of an i5 12400 and RTX 3060 will do just fine, but even older hardware like a Ryzen 5 3600 and RX 570 will be sufficient.

Before we get to the actual game settings, we need to take care of a few formalities. First of all, make sure you have the latest Nvidia or AMD drivers installed. Next, navigate to System > Display > Advanced display, and check that your monitor is running at its maximum refresh rate. This should ideally be something like 144Hz, 240Hz, or 360Hz. If you're on a 60Hz screen, you can still run higher FPS but might encounter some screen tearing, as the GPU will be outputting higher FPS than your monitor's refresh rate can handle.

In-Game Settings

This is where we can score big on FPS by making a few simple changes. If you're running something like an RTX 4070 Ti or RX 7800 XT, this will probably be overkill and you can bump a few settings up for better visuals. These settings should be good enough for over 200 FPS on most GPUs released in the last few years.



Graphics Quality

Advanced Graphics


Ping is equally important, and you want to ensure you have the lowest possible ping. Head over to the Game settings and take a look at your Matchmaking Region. This setting can typically be left on Auto, as it will connect you to the closest servers. Your ping should should ideally be below 60, but not all regions have their own servers so it might be over 100. You can also monitor your ping in-game by setting Net Debug Stats to On—this can be done in the Game UI section in Settings. Make sure you have a stable ping in game and there aren't any network issues on your side.


This is going to come down to personal preference, and many players start by copying pros' settings and finetuning it to their liking. Head on over to Prosettings to try some binds that the top players are using.

That's our recommended settings for increasing performance in Fortnite. Now go out there and dominate the lobby!

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