The AMD Radeon RX 7900M Promises Better Performance Than RTX 4080

The GPU launched with the latest member of the Alienware m18 laptop family

by headtr1p, October 21 2023

AMD has the RTX 4080 in its crosshair with the new Radeon RX 7900M mobile graphics card. This cutting-edge flagship marks a significant milestone in the industry, being the first to utilise a chiplet design and second-generation ray tracing capabilities. AMD launched the Radeon RX 7900M as part of the highly anticipated Alienware m18 laptop.

The Radeon RX 7900M represents a remarkable leap forward in laptop graphics technology. Built upon the RDNA3-based Navi 31 architecture, this chip introduces the chiplet design to mobile gaming. This innovative approach allows for enhanced efficiency and performance by dividing the GPU into multiple smaller chiplets, each responsible for specific tasks. The Graphics Compute Die (GCD) is based on the 5nm process and provides core CPU functionality, while the smaller 6nm Memory Cache Dies (MCD) take care of memory requirements.

This chip introduces the chiplet design to mobile gaming

The Radeon RX 7900M includes 72 Compute Units, more than double the amount found on the RX 7700S and RX 7600M XT. It operates at a frequency of 1,825 MHz with the ability to boost up to 2,090 MHz. The RX 7900M supports 16GB of GDDR6 memory across a 256-bit memory interface, which should make it more than capable at QHD. AMD's benchmarks show a 7% FPS advantage over the RTX 4080 12GB in 1440p gaming—impressive to say the least. Furthermore, the RX 7900M chip incorporates AV1 encoding and decoding capabilities, aligning it with the desktop version's feature set.

Beyond its chiplet design and impressive specifications, the AMD Radeon RX 7900M introduces second-generation ray tracing capabilities to the laptop gaming landscape. While the details regarding the extent of improvement over the desktop version's ray tracing remain unclear, it is likely to be on par with the enhanced ray tracing introduced in the RX 7000 series. This advancement translates to a more immersive and visually stunning gaming experience for laptop gamers.

AMD has partnered with Dell's renowned Alienware division to launch the Alienware m18 laptop. This eagerly anticipated device boasts the latest advancements in mobile gaming technology, including the 16-core Ryzen 9 7945HX processor and the Radeon RX 7900M GPU. The Alienware m18 is equipped with a larger 97Wh battery housed within an 18-inch chassis, providing gamers with extended playtime without compromising on portability.

The Alienware m18 offers two display options to cater to diverse gaming preferences. Users can choose between an 18" 2560x1600 display with a refresh rate of 165Hz or an 18" 1920x1200 display with an impressive 480Hz refresh rate. These high refresh rate displays are perfectly suited for high-intensity gaming, delivering smooth and fluid visuals that enhance the overall gaming experience.

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