There has been an influx of budget build kits lately and we’re actually beginning to see some healthy competition, which is making the keyboard hobby more and more accessible. In the sub $100 market we’re seeing some exciting options like the TM680 and Gamakay LK67, and in the sub $200 market there’s boards like the KBD67 Lite, GMMK Pro and NK65, not to mention Akko and Epomaker’s build kits. Right now I’m lining up some of Akko’s kits namely the MOD005 and MOD007. I’ve been impressed by the sound tests I’ve heard and I like the attention to sound dampening.


It’s not only the budget build kits that have become more accessible, but also budget switches. I recently reviewed the Ajazz x Huano Diced Fruit Kiwi, and this switch just reaffirmed that you don’t need to spend big on switches anymore. Next I will be trying an Aqua King inspired switch in the Gamakay Crystal, featuring that fully transparent housing. Ctrl.Shift.Esc was kind enough to send out the Gateron Blue Bubblegums, a switch that features the same Ink and Nylon housing of the Gateron Oil King. I was blown away by these switches and they sounded amazing after lubing and filming!


I’m absolutely loving Akko’s Cherry and ASA keycaps and I already own five sets. These are genuinely some of the best budget sets you can buy, and take it from someone who has learned the hard way with cheap keycaps. No issues with inconsistent legends, poor quality or wobbly space bars—just great quality at an affordable price. Akko have discontinued a few of their clone sets, so I’m looking forward to seeing new colourways from them.


I’ve been happily using the G Pro X Superlight for over a year now. It’s the closest I have ever come to endgame, and I’ve tried my fair share of mice. One mouse that I am eager to try is the new Razer Viper v2 Pro. I like the changes they’ve made, such as dropping the right side buttons and rubber grips, and reducing the weight. Those were all reasons I never tried the original Viper Ultimate.

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